RYCO Filters mean Less Contamination for your Hydraulic System

RYCO Filters mean Less Contamination for your Hydraulic System

RYCO Filters are needed to remove contamination from a hydraulic system. Contamination increases wear on hydraulic components resulting to increased breakdowns. So, the cleaner the fluid, the longer the life of the system components.

Would you like to reduce the risk of unscheduled breakdowns?

If so, RYCO offers a wide range of filters and filtration accessories including inline spin-on, heavy duty inline, tank top, suction strainers, diffusers, air breather, filler cap/strainer, push-on filler as well as level and temperature gauges.

How do RYCO Filters work to remove contamination from your hydraulic system?

Filters work by passing hydraulic fluid through filter media, trapping particles of contamination allowing clean oil to flow through to the outlet. When choosing a RYCO filter, it is important to select an adequately sized filter; one that will not cause too great a pressure drop with the expected flow rate in a system; and one that will not become blocked quickly and require changing of the filter element too often.

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        Filters in action when removing contamination

Therefore, when selecting filters, you need to consider the following things:

  • Where will the filter be used?
  • Working pressure of the hydraulic system
  • Required cleanliness – Micron rating of filter, Beta ratio
  • Pressure drop – Oil viscosity, micron rating, filter size
  • Bypass Valve

Where does contamination come from?

Contamination can either be introduced into a hydraulic system from outside, entering the hydraulic system during repair, maintenance or component replacement, as well as through tank breathers, including water condensation. It can also enter through worn or damaged seals on hydraulic cylinders or motors.

Contamination can also be produced within the hydraulic system, through component wear, oil ageing and refilling operating fluid.

Contamination can include soild particles of dirt/dust, metal and rubber. It also includes liquids including water, oil sludge, varnish.

Where are filters used in hydraulic systems?

Filters are used in four common areas of hydraulic systems:

RYCO introduces new filters each year to remain at the forefront of the industry! With the development of improved filtration materials, the performance of RYCO filters has increased meaning improved filtration at no extra cost for you.

Stay tuned for new RYCO filters and keep your hydraulic system contamination free!

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Team Triton Race Car Driver Profile – Cameron Crick

Team Triton Race Car Driver Profile – Cameron Crick

Team Triton V8 SuperUtes race car driver – Cameron Crick shared his professional and personal story!

My Biography:

  • Date of birth: 25/10/1997
  • Place of birth: Camden, Sydney, NSW
  • Lives: Camden, NSW 2570
  • Status: In a Relationship
  • Outside of racing: Love other sports like Rugby League, mountain bike riding & running
  • Engineer: Driver training instructor & tipper truck driver

About Me:

Inspired by his late father Rodney Crick, who won six Australian Super Truck titles, I began racing karts in 2014 before progressing to the Toyota 86 Series in ’16.

After finishing mid-table in my first two 86 Series campaigns, I made significant improvements during the 2018 season, ending the year third in the standings.

Last year, I also had his first taste of SuperUtes, competing in the Queensland Raceway and Gold Coast rounds.

RYCO Team Triton drive Cameron Crick

Good news was that I was confirmed a full-season campaign in SuperUtes, driving a Mitsubishi for Team Triton, and will also compete in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge.

Inspirations & Passion – Q&A

  1. What inspired you to start driving?

My Late father Rodney Crick was a 7-time Australian truck racing champion & raced the Bathurst 1000 6 times; he inspires me to keep with Crick name moving in motorsport

  1. What does it mean to you to be a part of the Team Triton V8 SuperUtes racing team?

It’s a huge privilege to drive for Team Triton, I have been super lucky to be introduced to some amazing corporate partners within the team along with getting some good results for the brand. Team Triton has been a huge part of my career.

  1. In your opinion, what are major challenges for race car driver?

The major challenge would be the financial side of motorsport, making sure all your partners are getting their value for money and staying mentally prepared for what you need to do on track.

Racing is also different to other sports in that there’s only one winner and a whole grid of losers. So, there’s a lot more lows than highs but it makes the highs oh so sweet when they do come! That moment of winning in racing is hard to describe to those in other sports.

  1. How did victory in ECB SuperUtes Series at the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 motivate you?

Having race wins, pole positions and success in 2019 was huge for my confidence. It also generated good momentum with different sponsors moving forward.

  1. In your opinion, which qualities should a race car driver possess?

Super important qualities for car racing drivers are:

  • Understanding the investment & business side of the sponsors
  • Presenting well & speaking well during interviews etc.
  • Being race fit and having a general understating of how setup changes and make the car perform different

To check out Supercars latest calendar click here.

To follow Cameron Crick’s driving journey visit:

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