Introducing Our Newest Line of Crimpers – Available in North America Today

Introducing Our Newest Line of Crimpers – Available in North America Today

Introducing RYCO Hydraulics newest crimper line available in North America. Intelligently designed, no matter how big or small the project, RYCO crimpers can do the job. High performance and long lasting with reliable service, RYCO crimpers can take on any task.

We have created for you an exclusive new line of RYCO crimpers that include the following:

  • Electrical Footswitch
  • The Die Storage Panel/Die Storage Table
  • Quick-Change Gun

The models include the brand-new RY137 EVO with a rotating head, RY230, RY300, RY350 and the RY420 SCS. These crimpers have the capacity of crimping from a 1 ¼”- 3” hydraulic hoses.

The small but powerful RY137 EVO has a compact look featuring an ergonomically positioned 90-degree adjustable head to help position while crimping multi directional. Able to crimp up to 1 ¼” with crimp forces at 137 tonnes, the RY137 EVO is an easy-to-use machine and a fantastic addition to any business. The RY137 EVO SC manual display features easy navigation of crimping values. This crimper is available in either 110 or 220 Voltages.
RY137 Crimper USA
The RY230 is our new 2” crimper with crimp forces up to 240 tonnes. This easy to use and robust machine has radial die movements with an extensive range of dies to suit any hydraulic crimping needs. While this machine is larger than the RY137, the additional dies and die storage table designed for the RY230 offer added convenience and versatility. This machine also has the SCE digital control panel for easy display and has the ability to save preferences providing quick access for continued projects. The RY230 is available in 110, 220 and 208 Voltages with a powerful 4.0 kW motor.
RYCO RY230 Crimper
The dynamic RY300 RYCO crimper is capable of crimping a 2 ½” hydraulic hose. Featuring a powerful 3kW motor with a voltage of 220, it can handle any job!  The SCE is equipped with a digital control panel with key features including the ability to groove for 90-degree long drop fittings and automatic maintenance alerts on your crimping machine.
RYCO RY300 Crimper
RY350, is RYCO Hydraulics newest 2 ½” crimper with crimper tonnes up to 350 and a powerful 5.5kW motor. With the SCE control technology, the RY350 is easy to use and is a robust machine. This model includes its own durable benchtop with die storage for easy use and clean up. The RY350 is available in the 208 Voltage.
RYCO RY350 Crimper
Finally, the RYCO RY420 is a powerhouse force to be reckoned with! With the ability to crimp up to a 3” hydraulic hose with an impressive and efficient 5.5 kW motor. What’s more? With a crimping force of 420 tonnes; this robust machine can be easily transported and operate even in the harshest of environments. The user-friendly large opening is suitable for large bore hoses. The exclusive table included with this product includes adequate room for die storage along with a durable benchtop for the crimper to rest on. The RY420 comes with the advanced display SCS digital controls which allows for user profiles to be saved and customized crimp specifications uploaded.  The RY420 is available in the 208 Voltage.
RYCO RY420 Crimper

Whether you are looking for a compact crimper or large powerhouse crimper, the new line of crimpers from RYCO Hydraulics has you fully covered! This dynamic and forward-thinking technology has you covered for any project in your pipeline.

All of our crimpers are currently in stock and ready to ship out today in our North American Warehouse.

Contact our RYCO North America Sales team at 281-821-4100 to place your order today!

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