Our National Contract Support Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Service at RYCO

Our National Contract Support Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Service at RYCO

Name: Hailey Forrester

Department: Sales

Title: National Contract Support

Location: Melbourne Head Office, Australia

Our National Contract Support, Hailey Forrester, celebrates 10 years of service this year! Hailey is a strong believer that enjoying your job and the environment you work in is key.

Hailey has a few hats within the Derrimut office, along with her role as National Contract Support, she is a RYCO First Aid Officer and has come to the aid of staff a few times over her 10 years. Hailey also manages the domestic and trans-Tasman travel for Australia and New Zealand and has come to the rescue of many staff travelling. That’s not all, Hailey is an integral part of the RYCO Event Committee, she is a fantastic organiser and host, she is brilliant with anything to do with Trivia, and she is very hands on with creating and assembling anything we need for our events.

On this special anniversary, Hailey shared with us her professional and personal journey. Let’s take a closer look at Hailey’s thoughts on the years spent working at RYCO.


  1. What does your day-to-day role as a National Contract Support entail?

My day-to-day role varies, which is one of the aspects that I enjoy! I could be booking travel for RYCO employees, submitting a tender for a multi-million dollar mining contract or planning a RYCO event!

  1. Hailey you are involved in volunteer work. In what ways has this skill been helpful to you in your role at RYCO?

Having coached young kids from Under 11’s through to Under 15’s has really taught me patience and the appreciation that every person interprets instructions and learns skills in different ways. I find that this also applies at RYCO!

  1. Do you think that enjoying your job as well as having some laughs at work is important?

Absolutely! It’s always a benefit to enjoy the environment you work in. I have met and remained friends with some awesome people at RYCO.

  1. Since you’ve been with RYCO for 10 years, people see you as the go-to person for internal queries and questions, how do you feel about this?

I don’t know if I am the ‘go-to-person’ but given that I have booked travel for just about every department within RYCO, I guess people think that I know who’s who in the zoo!

  1. What inspires you and gives you good energy outside of RYCO?

Apart from my friends and family I am heavily involved in grassroots netball both playing and coaching. I believe myself to be a very LOUD advocate for females in sport! I am also a very passionate and loyal member of both the Melbourne Vixens and Carlton Football Club.

RYCO Hailey Forrester

RYCO Hydraulics – Hailey Forrester

To wrap up, we would like to extend a big congratulations to Hailey on achieving this milestone. Happy anniversary and thank you for your service to RYCO!

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