Our Melbourne Senior Warehouse Administrator, Kerri, Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary of Service at RYCO

Our Melbourne Senior Warehouse Administrator, Kerri, Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary of Service at RYCO

Name: Kerri

Department: Warehouse and Distribution

Title: Senior Warehouse Administrator

Location: Melbourne Head Office, Australia

RYCO Senior Warehouse Administrator, Kerri for over a decade has made the role her own! The key to her success is her positive energy, good laughs, and hard work. Kerri celebrates her 15 years at RYCO this year and shares her experiences, successes, and challenges. Kerri is also a valuable member of the RYCO Event Committee. It’s no surprise that Kerri feels at home at RYCO. Let’s a look at why!


  1. Kerri, what and/or who motivates you and inspires you at RYCO?

I am inspired by Terry Stevens who is our Pilbara Area Manager in Western Australia.  Although Terry and I don’t often work closely together, her mentoring and guidance over the years have given me the drive and motivation to challenge myself both within RYCO and personally.

  1. What does your day-to-day role as a Senior Warehouse Administrator entail?

This is a busy role with many facets and rarely any two days are the same.  My day could take in anything from a purchase order to investigating missing freight.  My personal goal is stock integrity and to work with the team for accuracy.

  1. What’s your favourite joke or quote?

I have a couple…

  • If at first, you don’t succeed, try again…. then ask Janine”. Janine Dierer is my colleague out in admin. She has great knowledge, so I often rely on her know-how & ask for help.
  • “Do it once and do it well.” This was my father’s motto and I have always tried to live by it.
  1. You love travelling. What is your favourite destination?

I love Fiji for that total relaxation experience but if I can be somewhere near water, be at a river, lake, or ocean I am in my element.

  1. Over the course of your 15 years with RYCO, what has been your experience?

I consider RYCO my home and the wonderful staff my family. Having no immediate family in Australia, the care and support I receive from my colleagues are second to none.  When I originally joined RYCO, I was blown away by how many long-term staff there was on the team.  Some up to 40 years’ service.  Now I get why – the comradery at all levels has allowed me to work in a company with a team I am proud of.

  1. How do you ease the stress on extremely busy and challenging days?

Coffee, I say there is no limit to how many cups one should have in a day.  I can also be bribed with coffee…. any brew, milk, and no sugar.

  1. Do you believe that having a good laugh from time to time at work is important?

Absolutely! To me, a good sense of humour is an escape valve from the pressures of life.

Kerri O’Sullivan RYCO Hydraulics-

Coffee – Kerri’s Stress Relief

  1. What inspires you and gives you good energy outside of RYCO?

In the last year, I have discovered the joy of walking. Not something I ever thought would happen.  I am loving participating in fundraising walks and clocking up the mileage to not only raise money but raise awareness for causes near and dear to me.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Confucius once said. Kerri is passionate about people and the environment not to mention she finds her role as a Senior Warehouse Administrator rewarding and challenging! She is also an integral part of the RYCO community. Thank you, Kerri, for your excellent service and good vibes, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours with RYCO!

Kerri O’Sullivan RYCO Hydraulics-

Kerri Participates In Various RYCO Events & Fundraisers

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