What Transport Vehicles Use Hydraulics?

What Transport Vehicles Use Hydraulics?

Hydraulic systems can be found on a variety of modern vehicles that allow for ease of operation and efficiency. The introduction of fluid power systems to the Transport industry has transformed the way all types of vehicles carry out tasks in this segment. Hydraulics within Transport have allowed vehicles to adapt to modern day demands by attaching hydraulically assisted machines. Some examples of hydraulics within the Transport sector include truck-mounted cranes, trains, dump trucks, tipper trucks, tilt trays and many more. Using hydraulics within this market segment ensures operators complete tasks safely, with speed and with accuracy.

How do dump trucks use hydraulics?

Dump trucks or dump trailers are vehicles designed for moving heavy loads like soil, rocks, equipment and even waste from one location to another. The hydraulic system within this vehicle allows the trailer of the vehicle to lift and lower with ease, dumping the carried load.

The sophisticated hydraulic system fitted to dump trucks is a great example of how hydraulics are used to assist the industry with completing complex tasks. Without the use of hydraulics in this circumstance would mean the operator would have to over-ride this task with manual labour. This hydraulic system ensures speed and efficiency when conducting these tasks.

To ensure these machines are operating at a safe and optimum level, operators or manufacturers should ensure the vehicle hydraulic system is fitted with the highest quality hoses and fittings. This is where RYCO fit in.

At RYCO we manufacture products that are specific to the application that meet and exceeds the expectation of our clients. Fitting a quality RYCO hose or fitting to any type of dump truck will ensure longevity of the hydraulic system with minimal risk of failure in the most extreme and harsh conditions.

How do truck-mounted cranes use hydraulics?

Truck-mounted cranes or boom truck are among the most used hydraulic machines within the Transport Industry. A truck-mounted crane is ideal for lifting containers or other heavy items on and off trucks.

Truck-mounted crane assisting with heavy lifting

These are purpose-built machines streamline the process of transporting heavy loads without the use of hoists. Because these vehicles are faced with the harsh conditions of the Transport industry daily it is important to fit the hydraulic system quality hoses and fittings.

RYCO offer a variety of hoses designed for this exact application ensuring the hydraulic system will not be compromised with premature wear and abrasion.

How do trains use hydraulics?

Trains use hydraulics to maintain their stability whilst traveling at speed. The absence of hydraulics fitted to a train would mean the smooth ride we experience on a general commute would not be possible.

Trains incorporate hydraulic systems for stability

Types of hydraulic products RYCO offer for Transport vehicles

RYCO supports the transport industry with a range of products ensuring the tough performance requirements of the industry are met. Our comprehensive product range includes hoses ranging from medium to high pressure applications.

RYCO RQP1 and RQP2 are one and two wire braid hoses designed with the high temperature SURVIVOR™ cover that can withstand temperatures up to 150°C (302°F). Constructed to meet or exceed SAE 100R1AT and 100R2AT performance requirements, these hoses are ideal for under-the-bonnet applications of heavy vehicles and other tough environments such as rail or off-highway heavy-duty applications.

RYCO T5 TRUCKER is as the name suggests, a specialty hose with polyester braid cover designed for the transport industry. The small bend radius and light weight of RYCO T5 hose makes it advantageous for compact under-the-bonnet routing in automotive/trucking applications to convey hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil and transmission oil.

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