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Hydraulic hose crimpers (also known as swagers or swaging presses) are used to permanently assemble crimp couplings onto a hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic operated crimping machines are generally quite simple in both design and construction.

The great majority of crimp heads are single acting hydraulic cylinders which open and close mechanical dies through various sliding faces.

These cylinders move in two directions, both forwards and backwards, but are usually only powered in the forward direction.

However, today crimpers have become an extremely well-engineered piece of equipment, which is critical to the safety of hydraulic hose and coupling assembly.

RYCO have a full range of crimpers including mobile, workshop and production series. All of which are efficient swaging machines, equally suitable for repair shop applications and high-volume production of hose assemblies.

Several of RYCO series crimpers are designed to handle large jobs with speed and efficiency. These full-scale production units offer:

  • High speed for increased productivity
  • Large die openings to allow small and large hose assemblies to pass through easily
  • A wide range of available die sets
  • High strength

A number of factors need to be considered when choosing the right crimper machine for you and your organisation. RYCO Hydraulics are able to assist in identifying the best model to suit your budget and needs.

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