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» Energise your Hydraulic System with RYCO ENERGY E2 Hoses

ENERGY E2 is a 2-wire braid R2AT / 2SN hose designed for standard hydraulic hose applications that does not require 3rd party approvals or fire-resistant covers. This product is intended for applications where cost considerations are of paramount importance.

E2 is available in 7 sizes from ¼” to 1” to suit a wide variety of applications.

Hose Construction

RYCO ENERGY E2 is a high-quality product designed to satisfy SAE 100R2AT and EN853 2SN specifications. It comprises of:

TUBE – Black, oil resistant synthetic rubber.

REINFORCEMENT – Two layers of high tensile steel wire.

COVER – ENERGY, black, abrasion, ozone, and oil resistant synthetic rubber.

The ENERGY E2 hose is ink branded for easy identification.
Energy E212 3/4

Features & Benefits

  • Durability – RYCO ENERGY E2 hose cover is black, oil resistant synthetic rubber. It is designed to meet the abrasion resistance requirements in EN853 and can withstand a minimum of 5 times the standard ozone resistance specified in ISO 7326.
  • Reliability – RYCO’s comprehensive testing and evaluation process guarantees you the performance and quality required to meet the demands of today’s applications, by safely conveying fluids at high pressure.
  • Performance – RYCO ENERGY E2 is ideal for high pressure hydraulic oil lines and is designed to meet performance requirements of SAE R2AT and EN853 2SN.
  • Safety – RYCO ENERGY E2 hoses have been designed, validated, and fabricated to ensure safe, and reliable endurance under even the harshest of conditions.
  • RYCO Quality – RYCO designs, develops, and manufactures our own products.

Matched System
Paired with non-skive technology, the E2 hose is matched to popular RYCO Couplings, both one-piece and field attachable.

Bitelok Non-Skive One-Piece Crimp

Non-Skive Field Attachable

Performance Specifications

RYCO ENERGY E2 hose in standard hydraulic hose applications:

  • Can withstand up to 5800 psi Maximum Working Pressure (size -04)
  • Has an operating temperature range from -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F).
  • Consist of an abrasion and ozone resistant cover.
  • Matched to popular RYCO couplings.


The ENERGY E2 hose is ideal for applications in the following market segments.

  • Agriculture machinery
  • Forestry equipment
  • Transport
  • Construction equipment
  • Waste management

Complementary Products

Following products are offered in line with the ENERGY E2 hose to enhance the performance of hydraulic systems.

Want more information?

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