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» HALP® – Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor

What is HALP®?


RYCO – Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor (HALP ®) is an online program that predicts the lifespan of hose assemblies for given conditions and environments.

HALP ® aids in determining optimum time to carry out preventive maintenance by providing an estimated prediction when hose assemblies should be replaced before end of life.

By being proactive, HALP ® assists in risk management and helps to prevent fluid injection injuries.

HALP ® links to the RYCO’s asset management software – QRAM.  QRAM incorporates a SQL database and RYCO Know How technology. This means, hose assemblies can be designed using HALP ®.

The HALP ® system helps you design a preventative schedule of maintenance and testing for each hose assembly or groups of hose assemblies.

You can engineer out hot-spots, adjust preventative maintenance schedules and replace assets before they fail. This in turn means predictive life spans of assets, scheduled inspections and work orders are undertaken with confidence.

When coupled with QRAM, HALP® keeps you on track with scheduled hose maintenance solution.

We offer Silver, Gold & Platinum QRAM plans available to suit your needs and budget as well as training and support.

Contact your local RYCO Hydraulics Customer Service representative or fill out our contact form if you require further information about our asset management system – QRAM. And to make sure that you choose the right QRAM plan for your business, check out our QRAM pricing.

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