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» HAVE – Hose Assembly Visual Evaluation

Did you know hydraulic hose assemblies have a service life? This service life is dependent upon many factors that cannot be determined upon visual inspection alone.

HAVE (Hose Assembly Visual Evaluation) is a methodology of determining visual external defects, wear and tear or abuse.

With HAVE it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Free from obvious external defects and/or abnormalities.
  1. Non-urgent external deterioration and/or abnormalities that require the hose assembly to be scheduled for replacement at the next service.
  1. Urgent external deterioration. Possible safety issue. Replace immediately.

RYCO now have an asset management system – QRAM which can assist you to complete the HAVE methodology. From just a touch of a button, QRAM gives operators and hose assemblers instant access to essential hose assembly information. Ensuring a reduction in high hidden costs and productivity loses.

Whilst HAVE does not provision or determine the portion of the hose assembly life that has been consumed, QRAM can and does record the service life hours of each asset.

QRAM also provides grouping of assets, either with a machine, a circuit or kit. Machines, circuits or kits can be given their own Asset Number. QRAM then knows all the assets in that kit, in the circuit or installed on a given machine. Simply scan the label to see all the assets registered – it is as simple as that!

RYCO’s asset management software – QRAM truly gives you instant control:

  • Manufacturer Information
  • Replacement Details
  • Bill of Materials
  • Asset Details
  • Inspection History
  • Meter Reading History
  • Work Order
  • Maintenance Schedule

We offer Silver, Gold & Platinum plans available to suit your needs and budget as well as QRAM training and support.

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Contact your local RYCO Hydraulics Customer Service representative or fill out our contact form if you need further information about our asset management system – QRAM. And to make sure that you choose the right QRAM plan for your business, check out our pricing.

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