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» How Hydraulics Are Used In Forestry

Much like the agriculture industry, the forestry sector has implemented heavy hydraulic equipment to assist with large scale harvesting and land clearing to ensure productivity and efficiency standards are met. To ensure this practice is conducted with absolute precision the correct machine needs to be selected to achieve the desired outcome.

Equipment such as skidders, log loaders, mulchers, and feller bunchers are just a few examples of heavy hydraulic wood processing machines that are used within this industry. All logging machinery faces extreme conditions and constant abrasions during operations, so it is important to equip hydraulic systems with the correct components.

Over the years, RYCO has built a strong reputation with Distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in delivering the most premium products for specific applications. RYCO have solutions for heavy forestry machinery that operates under intense conditions; coupling your forestry hydraulic equipment with a RYCO SLIDER hose, Spiral Guard hose protection and In-Line Swivel is a combination that will ensure you are getting the most out of your machinery!


Log Processor and Forestry Forwarder performing logging duties – Source: Adobe Stock

Most Common uses of Hydraulic Systems in Forestry Today


Timber harvesting is a grueling process and is harsh on any type of hydraulic system. This is the process of gathering mature trees from the field, cutting them down, de-liming them and preparing to mill. The use of track harvesters, feller bunchers and skidders make this process somewhat simpler than traditional old-school methods with chainsaws and manpower.

Land Clearing

Clearing land for forestry applications is also a laborious task that involves the removal of rich undergrowth, treefall, and thick brush. The result is a blank section of land free of any stumps and trees, ready for construction.  The ideal machinery selected for this application are mulchers, bulldozers, and excavators. All of which make the task easier than manual methods of clearing land.

Types of Hydraulic Machinery Commonly Used in Forestry 

  • Harvesters
  • Skidders
  • Log Loaders
  • Mulchers
  • Feller Bunchers
  • Lifts
  • Forestry Forwarders
  • Tractors
  • Log Processor
  • Cutting Equipment
  • De-Limbers

RYCO Hydraulics Products for the Forestry Sector


RYCO Hose Protection

As a leading manufacturer, RYCO offers a range of products to help you get the most out of your hydraulic machinery. Backed with over 75 years of experience, our forestry clientele and OEMs use RYCO products because it is superior to any other related products on the market.

  • RYCO SLIDER Hose – This hose range is specifically designed for applications where abrasion resistance is paramount. SLIDER hose delivers extreme abrasion resistance whilst maintaining a high degree of flexibility. Our RYCO SLIDER saves forestry clientele additional costs by not needing to implement additional abrasive resistant protection and reduces assembly time by eliminating the need for additional hose protection.
  • RYCO In-Line Swivel – This swivel range is a product designed specifically for applications within wood processing operations where high working pressures and constant rotating movements are frequent. Manufactured with RYCOTE high-performance plating this swivel is built to last and works at a the highest of pressures at the lowest torque setting. Our RYCO In-Line Swivel eliminates hose twist, are easily rotated and self-lubricating, ensuring that it will not separate under extreme operating conditions.
  • RYCO Spiral Guard – This range is a lightweight cost-effective hose protection product designed to prevent abrasions and impacts from debris. This product can also be used to bundle hoses together in groups.

Highest Quality RYCO Products

RYCO products ensure hydraulic forestry equipment withstands rough terrains, extreme environments, and intense temperatures; this is an achievement that we pride ourselves on. We are proud to be recognised as a leading supplier and manufacturer of highly durable hydraulic hose and fittings used in forestry applications. Being able to deliver the highest quality products and hydraulic components on an international scale means that our forestry clientele have equipment that will last and ensure minimal downtime.

Discover more about our product offering within the forestry sector – read our RYCO Forestry Capability Profile.

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can extend the life of your hydraulic equipment, please contact us.

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