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» JSEAL™ – The New Standard In JIC Fittings

Double The Torque, Double The Strength

If you’ve used standard JIC fittings before you know the usual problems: sweating, weeping, cracking and the most prominent one – leaking!

Standard JIC fittings can sometimes cause many coupling connection problems:

JIC Fittings

RYCO JSEAL™ was designed and engineered in Australia to deliver better solutions to our customers by solving these problems permanently. For you this means increased efficiency, improved productivity, unparalleled reliability and ongoing cost effectiveness.

JSEAL™ truly redefines fitting technology and outperforms any standard JIC fittings. Delivering double the strength and double the torque at the same cost as any JIC fitting.

JSEAL™ - The New Standard In JIC Fittings

Why big industry players are adopting JSEAL™:

  • Durability – Achieve up to double the working pressure.
  • Reliability – NO sweating, NO weeping, NO stretching, No cracking and NO leaks.
  • Simplicity – Easy to install and easy to connect.
  • Efficiency – Save on labour, part replacements and warranty claims.
  • Capacity – Designed for higher working pressures.
  • Strength – The solidity of the nut eliminates side load issues.



JSEAL™ performance is equal to or better than ORFS (0-Ring Face Seal).

Want more information?

If you would like to know more about the new standard in JIC fittings – JSEAL™ contact your local RYCO Hydraulics Customer Service representative or fill out our contact form.