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» Major Features & Benefits of RYCO Adaptors

What are the major features & benefits of RYCO Adaptors? RYCO adaptors are ideal for use across a variety of hydraulic assemblies providing port-to-port solutions to meet your needs. What’s more? RYCO’s adaptor range includes a wide variety of sizes, end styles, thread, connection types and accommodating a variety of features and benefits for diverse users across the globe.

What are Adaptors?

Adaptors are used for connecting hose assemblies, tube, pipes, valves, cylinders, and other hydraulic components. Adaptors have two main functions:

  • Connect fluid system components together
  • Contain the fluid within the fluid system

RYCO’s Adaptor Range

Major Features & Benefits of RYCO Adaptors


  • One of the largest ranges of adaptors.
  • Overcome routing and interchangeability issues.
  • Enable changing routing directions, gender, and type.

  • RYCOTE corrosion protection.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Exceeds national and international standards.
    Up to 500 +hours to Red Rust (96 hr standard).
Quality & Performance:

  • RYCO designed, developed, and manufactured.
  • Meet and exceed industry standards.

Performance Specifications:
Many standards exist for adaptors. Sometimes linked to origin of connection:

  • SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers (USA) – NPT, JIC, UNO, ORFS, SAE FLANGE
  • DIN/EN – Deutche Industry Norm (Europe) – DKL/DKOL, DKS/ DKOS
  • BS- BSPT, BSPP (British Standards)
  • ISO-International Organisation of Standardization

Working Pressures for each style and size of RYCO adaptors are listed in the 2019 Product Technical Manual – Hydraulics.


Guide to Thread & Connector Working Pressures

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