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» Match & Connect with RYCO’s Quick Release Couplings

What is a Quick Release Coupling?

Quick Release Couplings (QRC) also known as Quick Disconnects, Quick Couplers or Hydraulic Couplers are as the name suggests – easy to connect, easy to disconnect.

RYCO carries hydraulic and specialty Quick Release Couplings in a diversified offering of a range of styles, which are ideal for use across a variety of hydraulic assemblies providing port-to-port solutions to meet your needs.

RYCO QRC’s can be used in a variety of applications such as industrial equipment, hydraulic hand tools, agricultural machinery, construction and mobile plant, hydraulic cylinders, test rigs and power packs, logging equipment, mining machinery, oil processing and steel production.

When connected, the check valves allow you to join or separate fluid connecter lines quickly, easily and safely. What does this mean for you? Minimal fluid spillage and no tools or special devices required!

Main QRC Styles

Poppet Check Valve

Poppet Check Valve with rubber poppet seal for improved sealing when disconnected.

Poppet Check Valve


Ball Check Valve

Ball Check Valve are precision machined for long reliable life.

Ball Check Valve


Flat Face Style

Flat Face Style is designed for one handed push-to-connect and can be cleaned easily.

Flat Face Style

QRC Sleeve Types

  • Single Acting Sleeve: Manually retracted to connect or disconnect.
  • Push/Pull Sleeve: Can be moved in either direction to connect or disconnect.
  • Threaded: Threaded sleeve on Female Body engages thread on Male Tip.

RYCO Range

Agricultural and ISO A Interchange

  • R80, R81, R82, R85 and R86
  • R91, R94 and R96
ISO B Interchange

  • R45 (USA)
Flat Face Style

  • R110
  • R111/R112 (USA)
VEP Interchange

  • R70 (USA)
High Pressure Thread to Connect

  • R100 Series
Thread to connect – Heavy Duty

  • R120 Series
Thread to connect – High Flow

  • R51 (USA)
Thread to connect – High Flow Connect Under Pressure

  • R75 (USA)
High Flow

  • R130

PBR Interchange

  • R140

Why Choose RYCO QRC?

  • Interchangeability
  • Wide range to suit different applications
  • High working pressures
  • RYCO branded for identification
  • Packaged appropriately to maintain cleanliness
  • Heavy duty plating

RYCO also offer a range or accessories and spare parts to suit the QRC range.

Want more information?

If you would like to know more about RYCO Quick Release Couplings, contact our RYCO Hydraulics Customer Service Team or fill out our contact form.