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» Mr. Ricky Celebrates 17 Year Anniversary At RYCO North America

Ricky Stafford, also known as Mr. Ricky, is celebrating 17 years at RYCO Hydraulics, North America. Let’s deep dive into his journey with RYCO over the past 17 years.

One of Mr. Ricky favorite things about coming to work is that he gets to learn new things each and every day. He also enjoys teaching colleagues and fellow peers about  RYCO products as well as meeting new people particularly new employees and giving them a tour around the warehouse.

Mr. Ricky is not shy of hard work, as he is one of the first people in the RYCO Houston warehouse and one of the last ones to leave. When asked him where he got his drive from, he mentioned that his dad always said, “to know how to do things well, be good at them and be well rounded.” Mr. Ricky has truly lived by these words during his time with RYCO to date.

The jack of all trades knows how to do virtually anything you ask of him and is always ready to offer a helping hand. Every morning you will be greeted with his big smile followed by a big welcome. “Treat people the way you would want to be treated and it will go a long way and at the end of the day you should be thankful of the day you had,” said Stafford.

One thing that has stayed true throughout his years at RYCO North America is his friendship with Clark Harrison; Clark is also a veteran of RYCO having served 18 years himself. This friendship is undeniable. Mr. Ricky references Mr. Clark as one of his biggest inspirations, that he encourages him to “stay with it and no matter what life throws our way that the best is yet to come”.

Harrison and Stafford’s friendship is unique, they didn’t know each other before RYCO however, worked right next to each other in a previous job, now they work side by side and enjoy going crabbing and enjoying the outdoors together outside of work.

When Mr. Ricky isn’t helping our customers get their products, he enjoys the great outdoors in particular going on cruises with his family, crabbing in the bayou and anything that the outdoors can offer him.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to Mr. Ricky for reaching this milestone and we are proud to have him a part of the RYCO North America team!

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