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» New & Improved Thread ID Mate App Available Now

Thread Identification On The Go

The new and improved RYCO Thread ID Mate application enables you to identify hydraulic threads and connectors everywhere you go.

Correct identification is of vital importance, as the incorrect application of high-pressure connectors presents an immediate safety risk.

Selection of hydraulic connectors can be complex due to the large array of thread types that are commonly available. While some people become conversant with hydraulic connect standards through experience, others can become confused by the similarities between some connector types.

RYCO’s Thread ID Mate provides an intuitive and simple identification process to help you find detailed information about threads specifications, sizes and more.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive step by step identification process
  • Detailed page for every type of thread
  • Search a thread by name
  • Complete pictorial list
  • Multiple search methods

You will find detailed information regarding popular threads like – BSP, NPT, JIS, ORFS, SAE and much more!

The Thread ID Mate application is available for your  Android and IOS devices. That’s thread identification you can keep in your pocket!

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