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New RYCO Innovations to be introduced to our customers worldwide. This time this one relates to our packaging efficiencies. What does this mean? Our customers – Distributors, Resellers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), RYCO 24•7 Hose Technicians, and hydraulic specialists can now grab RYCO products straight off their shelves directly from our new RYCO box package.

The new RYCO product boxes are manufactured in two sizes: small and large.

Box Label

The new RYCO packaging features a descriptive label including the following details:

  • QR Code
  • Part Number
  • Product Description
  • Product Image
  • Box Quantity
  • Packed Date

RYCO New Packaging

These descriptive labels can be found in two places on the RYCO box package – the front and the side.

RYCO New Packaging

Picking Advantages

The new packaging boxes have the red RYCO logo visible so you will be sure you are picking quality RYCO products.

There are two perforated access panels available on the RYCO box package for ease of picking – one for small products and the other to pick larger products.

Simply tear open the desired panel using your finger to easily access the contents inside.

Key Highlights Snapshot:

  • RYCO Labelled and Branded
  • Efficiency Gains for RYCO Customers
  • Packaging Aid
  • Easy to Read Labels
  • Pick Directly from the Box
  • Two sizes available: Small and Large

RYCO New Packaging

The benefits outlined are not only aimed to assist the internal RYCO distribution process but externally – our customer’s distribution processes also.

RYCO encourages customers to order in box quantities to maximise processing efficiencies.

RYCO has recently introduced this new initiative to complement the state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Derrimut, Australia which includes 11.5-metre-high racking and high-efficiency carousel picking machines which accommodates 5,700 pallets of stock – a 40% increase on our previous capacity in Footscray, Australia.

At RYCO, we understand that when you need your product, you need it fast. Our comprehensive ordering and despatch system ensures that your orders are correct before leaving our warehouses.

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