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» Our Go-To Executive Assistant Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Service At RYCO!

Name: Bo
Department: Executive Group
Title: Executive Assistant to CEO
Location:  Melbourne Head Office, Australia

Our brilliant RYCO Go-To Executive Assistant, Bo celebrates a 10-year service anniversary with RYCO!  From booking travel, coordination of RYCO trademarks, and patents, planning company-wide events, handling office and facility maintenance enquiries as well as meeting arrangements for the very own RYCO CEO – Leigh Morrison, – Bo really does do it all!

In brief, Bo started back in 2012 as an Executive Assistant at the Footscray, Australia office and juggles diverse tasks and projects to support not only the CEO, Executive Management team but also the whole RYCO crew! Bo’s duties vary each and every day so the statement “woman on the mission” seems to be just spot on to describe Bo. Whilst remaining in the role for 10 years, Bo shares her successes, challenges, and expands on how her journey of personal and professional growth has evolved, as well as some unique passions she has outside of RYCO.


1. Can you take us briefly through your journey while working at RYCO: Where did you start? Has your role evolved?

I joined RYCO in 2012 as an Executive Assistant and have remained in this role. I believe my scope and breadth of knowledge have evolved during my time at RYCO. For example, tasks such as international travel, trademarks, and Patents were completely foreign to me when started with RYCO. I am constantly learning something new. RYCO is a company that is always evolving and as such we as individuals are challenged to evolve alongside it.

2.  What has your experience been with RYCO within your last 10-years of service?

I have a very positive experience with RYCO. I find RYCO to be a flexible work environment, especially with juggling family commitments. The management team and my colleagues are friendly, polite, and respectful and there always seems to be cake in the office!

10 Year service At RYCO

Bo loves to get a selfie with RYCO Roo…

10 Year service At RYCO

3.  What parts of the RYCO mission do you connect with?

RYCO Mission Statement

“Our mission is to listen to our customers and deliver the highest quality and technologically superior fluid conveying connection products and solutions”

My role is to support the teams who are listening to the customers, who are assisting in delivering the highest quality products and solutions. I play my part to support the CEO, management team, and colleagues administratively, and to ensure staff work in a comfortable work environment where they are not wanting for anything in terms of staff amenities and office functionality.

4. Do you feel like a “Woman on the Mission” sometimes?

Good question, I definitely move like a “Woman on the Mission”. You can hear me walking from the other side of the office, and I’m fairly direct, but hopefully in a polite way.

5. What have been your biggest accomplishments to date?

When I joined RYCO, I organised the RYCO Trademarks and Patents and have since stayed on top of them. This is no mean feat and I admit I do have some assistance with this.

I was part of the team which moved RYCO from Footscray to Derrimut, Australia. This was a very challenging and time-intensive project.

Finally, keeping pace with our CEO, he’s a very progressive and innovative man!

6. How do you ease the stress on extremely “hands-on” days?

I take a deep breath, drink some water, and take a break.

7. What inspires and motivates you outside of RYCO?

My family. I have a husband, three teenagers, and a dog. The benefit to the COVID-19 pandemic is we have collectively had the opportunity to slow down, readjust and enjoy a less manic lifestyle. Pre-pandemic family life outside of RYCO was insanely on the go all the time!

8. When you are not at RYCO, what do you enjoy doing the most?

At the moment the two things I enjoy the most are taking my dog for a long walk and watching my kids play their sports.

9. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

During my twenties, I studied Astrology and dabbled in Tarot Reading. This is my first true passion. One of my favourite sayings is “seeing an Astrologer for 3 sessions is the equivalent of seeing a therapist for 18 months”. When I retire, I plan to go back to doing my Astrology and Tarot. It will be my way to connect with people and keep my mind, body, and soul engaged in my twilight years.

To wrap up, with Bo’s ultimate dedication to RYCO, experience, and diverse interests, we would like to extend a big congratulations to her on achieving this milestone. We all look forward to seeing Bo’s lively, bubbly, and ‘can-do’ nature in the office while she works on multiple and various projects. Bo, keep up the great work! Happy anniversary and thank you for your service to RYCO!

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