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» RYCO Mark Length Gauge Tool – Accurate, Fast & Repeatable Method

The new RYCO Mark Length Gauge tools provide hose assemblers an accurate, fast, and repeatable method of measuring and marking your RYCO hose with the matched RYCO coupling Mark Length.

Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured with long lasting engraved dash sizes.
  • Compact, heavy-duty design made of solid aluminium and steel.
  • Easy to read dash sizes and easy to follow method for measuring and marking.
  • Can be conveniently side mounted to your workbench or mobile service vehicle.
  • Ensures accuracy and increases productivity.
  • All-in-one hose size gauges -04 to -20 (for T2000) and -06 to -20 (for T7000).

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Select the correct Mark Length Gauge and ensure that the RYCO hose dash size matches the dash size on RYCO Mark Length Gauge.

Step 2: Insert the RYCO hose onto its corresponding pin on the RYCO Mark Length Gauge indicated by the dash size. Visually confirm that the RYCO hose is pushed on all the way to the stop.

Step 3: Scribe the mark length on the RYCO hose using a suitable marker pen.

Step 4: Insert the matched RYCO coupling onto the RYCO hose ensuring that the mark length lines up with the end of the ferrule. You are now ready to crimp your hose assembly!

Watch our new Step-by-Step video on RYCO Mark Length Gauge:

  RYCO Mark Length Gauge Video

RYCO Hydraulics specifically design and manufacture hydraulic hose and fittings to “match” each other for greater performance and safety. Use only hose assemblies that consist of RYCO “matched” hydraulic hose with RYCO “matched” fittings.

The new Mark Length Gauges are available now. To order these tools, quote part number MLG-T2000 suitable for T2000 Series Couplings or MLG-T7000 for T7000 Series Couplings.

Download our RYCO Crimp application – your source to accurately and safely crimp RYCO hydraulic hoses with matched RYCO fittings.

The RYCO Crimp application is available for your  Android and iOS devices:

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For more information, check out our new Mark Length Gauge brochure:

  RYCO Mark Length Gauge Brochure

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