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» Quick & Easy Steps to Assemble and Operate RYCO R16 Crimper

Want to know how to assemble and operate your RYCO RY16 Crimper, the most versatile crimper on the market? Here, we provide a step-by-step guide to provide you with an effortless crimping experience.

STEP 1: Pre-Delivery Checklist

Checking the contents against a delivery checklist:

STEP 2: Pre-Commencement Inspection

Complete the pre-commencement inspection checklist including the following:

  • Insert the 9-volt battery into the battery holder.
  • Push the red test button to check that the LED crimp light illuminates.
  • Confirm that the serial number, crimp chart and safety decals are attached.
  • Check the vernier crimp die rotates smoothly in both directions. If required, grease the cone shaped surfaces in the crimper cylinder.
  • Check that all the dies are supplied and are appropriately numbered.

STEP 3: Connecting Hand Pump  

  • Pressurise the crimper and check for oil leaks.
  • Prepare the supplied dies by fastening the locating lugs into the back of the dies.

STEP 4: Calculating Crimp Settings

Example: Setting a 23 mm crimp

With a 23mm die set loaded and the 0 on the vernier crimp dial aligned with the 0 on the shaft, the final crimp diameter would be 23mm.

RYCO RY16 Crimper blog
Calculating Crimp Settings

Example: The T2040-0814 Coupling requires a 26mm Crimp

  • Using either the RYCO Crimp Chart or RYCO Crimp app find the corresponding crimp dimension.
  • Find 26mm on the chart and look to the left column for the recommended die set.
  • In this instance, a 23mm die set is required. The chart also shows that 3 clockwise turns on the vernier are required.

RYCO Crimp Range Chart
Selecting the Correct Die Set

STEP 6: Inserting Die Sets

  • Select the 23mm die set and install into crimper.
  • Ensure that all dies are correctly installed.
  • The die set size numbers should face the front.

RYCO RY16 Inserting Die Sets
Inserting Die Sets

STEP 6: Crimping the Hose

  • With the vernier set to zero, rotate the dial clockwise 3 times.
  • Close the valve on the pump.
  • Carefully align the coupling and pressurise the RYCO hand pump.
  • The set crimping diameter is reached when the red LED crimp light is illuminated.
  • Using verniers, confirm the correct crimp diameter.

RYCO RY16 Using Verniers Confirming Correct Crimp Diameter
Using Verniers Confirming Correct Crimp Diameter

STEP 7: Air Bleeding the Hydraulic Hand Pump

  • Connect the pump to the crimper.
  • Ensure that the pump is higher than the crimper.
  • Open the valve to allow air from the crimper to rise to the pump reservoir.
  • Remove the threaded oil reservoir plug.
  • If required, fill the oil reservoir up to just below the bottom of reservoir plug thread.
  • Replace the oil reservoir plug.
  • The pump is now ready to use.

Your hose is ready to go!

To learn more, watch our latest video on RY16 Crimper Assembly & Operation:

RYCO RY16 Crimper Assembly and Operation

RY 16 Crimper Operation Manual is also available to download:
RYCO RY16 Operation Manual

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