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In the toughest conditions, RYCO SURVIVOR™ RQP1 and RQP2 deliver unsurpassed performance, reliability, durability and longevity.

How so? RYCO RQP1 and RQP2 cannot only withstand high temperatures but also high-pressure oil and air applications.

Here’s why:

  • Maximum working pressures as high as 5800 PSI (refer to RYCO Product Technical Manual 2019).
  • Meets and exceeds MSHA Flame Resistant safety requirements.
  • Maximum temperature as high as 150°C.
  • Meets global relevant performance requirements: SAE, AS, DIN, EN and ISO.

That’s not all! The SURVIVOR™ synthetic rubber tube is abrasion resistant, MSHA flame resistant, weather resistant (UV stable and ozone resistant) and specifically compounded for high temperatures.

Key Differences

Which hose is for you? Key differences between RQP1 and RQP2 include:
RYCO Survivor RQP1 RQP2

RYCO’s SURVIVOR™ is the logical choice for applications needing a hydraulic hose capable of high working pressures and high temperatures.

RYCO Survivor RQP1 RQP2

Match & Connect

Both hoses are compatible with T2000 Series Crimp Coupling as well as Field Attachable Couplings. When coupled with RYCO matched hose couplings, RYCO hydraulic hoses provide unparalleled performance, safety, and longevity. RQP2 is compatible with T7000 Series Crimp Couplings (-06 to -32).

Hose Type Approvals

RYCO Hydraulics hold a large range of third party approvals for RQP1 and RQP2 hoses in RYCO Matched Hose Assemblies:

RYCO Survivor RQP1 RQP2

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When you need quality hose and fittings alongside a reliable service, choose RYCO Hydraulics.