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» RYCOTE System is an Environmentally Friendly Plating Technology

RYCOTE Plating System is an environmentally friendly plating technology that offers enhanced performance. It is a known fact that the global cost of corrosion can be estimated to be US$2.5 trillion per year, reducing corrosion in any circumstance will also increase service life of couplings and adaptors, reducing downtime from unplanned maintenance and ultimately saving you money. This is why RYCO has introduced our corrosion resistant plating – RYCOTE.

*Global Estimations from Global Spec

What are the major features and benefits of RYCOTE Plating System?

RYCOTE maintains RYCO leadership in the industry by complying with the latest European environmental regulations- European Directive ELV 2000/53/EC, REACH 1907/2006/EC, and RoHS 2011/65/EC for the protection of the environment and public health.

  • 500 Plus Hours to RED RUST
  • Lubricated Surface
  • Silver Appearance
  • No change to Assembly Procedures
  • No change to Assembly Torque Values
  • Conforms to AS 1789-2203
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tested And Proven
RYCOTE Plating System

RYCOTE means Corrosion Resistance

What’s more? The standard range of RYCO Hydraulics couplings, fittings, and adaptors are manufactured from the applicable grades of carbon steel to meet product performance requirements. Standard steel products are electroplated in accordance with RYCO specifications – RYCOTE which exceeds national and international standards. In addition, RYCO electroplated product is RoHS compliant and meets the trivalent electroplating requirements of European Directive ELV 2000/53/EC for the protection of the environment and public health.

This environmentally friendly plating technology will be invaluable in supporting sustainability practices with RYCOTE Plating System!

Click here to view the RYCOTE Brochure.

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