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» Slavco From Melbourne Warehouse Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary Service at RYCO!

Name: Slavco Trajkovski
Department: Warehouse
Title: Melbourne Warehouse

Location: Melbourne Head Office, Australia
RYCO Melbourne Warehouse employee, Slavco Trajkovski celebrates a 30-year service anniversary with RYCO Hydraulics!

In brief, Slavco who calls himself a “Storeman” started his career within the ‘Pick, Pack, Check and Dispatch’ section of RYCO Hydraulics in Footscray, Australia 30 years ago! Slavco blissfully stated, “RYCO was my first job in Australia, and I’m thinking it will be the last!”.

Slavco with a Macedonian heritage started his role at RYCO back in March 1992. He said with a smile, “I was welcomed so well by the RYCO team, everyone was so friendly, easy to deal with in the warehouse and office, with not too much pressure along the way”. Slavco continued, “I still enjoy my early morning coffee and a newspaper routine arriving 40 minutes prior to a busy day at my desk”.

Whilst working in the RYCO Warehouse dispatch zone for 30 years, Slavco enjoys looking after our overseas orders, including exports and imports. Just to name a few key tasks, the role includes ensures on-time delivery, invoice checking for RYCO hoses and fittings as well as order Q&A processing

Slavco believes that his job includes a higher level of responsibility, time, and patience. This is why Slavco connects particularly well with the RYCO mission statement– delivering the highest quality fluid conveying connection products and solutions to our customers.

As Slavco added, “I pride myself on a proven score of 99% accuracy on orders”, to ensure our customers get the products and solutions they ordered, on time.  As Slavco remembers his biggest achievement on the job – the order from Houston for a Food and Beverage client which included 42 pallets of RYCO hoses and fittings.

Slavco is a big fan of Santa and Christmas Celebrations…

Slavco 30 years RYCO with Santa

During his 30 years of service at RYCO, Slavco has encountered many successes along with a few challenges along the way. The technological innovations introduced by RYCO did at first present learning curves such as conducting stocktakes within a RYCO Warehouse are different to the stocktakes conducted on a RYCO 24•7 mobile service vehicle but Slavco has adapted quickly and is still very much eager to learn and develop his skillset.

What is more, Slavco received a diploma in Sociology and Philosophy back in Belgrade. He is also a secretary of the Macedonian community and organising various international food festivals in Melbourne. Did you also know Slavco plays soccer, and his favourite AFL team is Essendon!

With Slavco’s commitment, experience, and diverse interests, we would like to extend a big congratulations to him on achieving this milestone. Happy anniversary and thank you for your service to RYCO!

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