Thales Hawkei – Next Generation Protected Vehicle

Thales Hawkei – Next Generation Protected Vehicle

The Thales Hawkei is a light four-wheel drive protected vehicle designed to meet an Australian Defence Force (ADF) requirement for a light armoured patrol vehicle.

RYCO has been involved with the development and production of hose assemblies and adaptors for use on Thales Bushmaster and Thales Hawkei. 

Alongside McCulloch Hydraulic Engineers (Bendigo, Australia), who kit our assemblies with other parts they supply, we have a long-term partnership with Thales (Bendigo, facility).

The Thales Hawkei is a highly mobile, highly protected, 7-tonne, 4×4, new generation vehicle with a 3-tonne payload, designed to meet the demanding requirements of land forces world-wide.

Thales Hawkei delivers class-leading protection and is highly effective across a diverse range of mission profiles. Roles include troop movement, command and control, electronic warfare, liaison, surveillance and reconnaissance.

As an accredited supplier to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the US Department of Defence and to the Australian Defence Industry Group, RYCO understands the specialist requirements of defence equipment.

Thales Hawkei meets the requirements of global defence forces for a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicle able to operate in an environment under threat from improvised explosive devices, mines and ambushes.

RYCO has the capability to design and deliver hydraulic hose systems that must meet the rigorous demands of defence applications.

Working with RYCO means receiving a broad range of hydraulic activities and support for enterprises that demand integrated solutions as required by the defence industry.

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Source: Thales Group

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