RYCO Know How 2021 Training Schedule

RYCO Know How 2021 Training Schedule

RYCO has developed a series of training programs covering aspects of fluid connector technology. From competencies for product selection and assembly practices, through to our own nationally recognised Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS) course, RYCO Know How has a training solution to meet your needs!

A primary obligation contained in safety legislation, and a key requirement of the Mining Design Guideline 41 (MDG 41) is that people undertaking design, manufacture, installation, and repairs to hose assemblies be regularly trained and assessed to ensure they can competently perform the tasks.

The training is beneficial to employees of distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) businesses and product end users, as well as employees of RYCO Hydraulics and RYCO 24•7.

RYCO Know How Training courses are delivered via face-to-face sessions which include:

  • Product Technical Manual & Hose Assembly
  • A.V.E Hose Assembly Visual Evaluation
  • Mobile Connector Specialist

Online interactive self-paced modules are also available, and this includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Hydraulics
  • Fluid Cleanliness Ratings
  • Thread Form Basics
  • System Cleanliness
  • Thread Form Advanced
  • R125 Crimper Training
  • SAE J517
  • Crimpers & Crimping
  • Industry Approvals

RYCO aims to be flexible in the provision of training and assessment tools in order to meet the needs of the end user. RYCO is willing to discuss and formulate flexible learning and assessment methods, as long as the integrity of the training and assessment tools is not compromised, and there is no unacceptable impost on the company or its staff.

Where possible, RYCO will utilise its global resources and Know How to create multilingual training sessions in languages other than English. Translators in Italian, Chinese, Malaysian, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese are available.

PRODUCT TECHNICAL MANUAL 4 Hours Written & Observation Online Webinar Personnel who select parts from the RYCO Technical Manual
PRODUCT TECHNICAL MANUAL & HOSE ASSEMBLY 7 Hours Written & Observation Facilitated On-Site Personnel who select RYCO products to prepare hose assemblies, meeting a given specification
H.A.V.E. HOSE ASSEMBLY 2 Hours Written & Observation Facilitated On-Site Those required to visually evaluate the condition of hose assemblers
ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMS Question & Answers submitted online Online Self Paced RYCO & RYCO 24•7 personnel and customers
Want to know more?

To enrol and register your interest in RYCO Know How 2021 Training Packages,  contact RYCO Hydraulics to find out more.

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