RYCO Vehicles Go Paperless

RYCO Vehicles Go Paperless

It’s been close to twelve months now since RYCO Hydraulics has introduced a paperless business system VMS – Vehicle Management System.

“When’s my invoice due?” your customer may ask. With VMS, you don’t need to spend hours sorting through mountains of paperwork to find documents.

Paperless systems can make pulling up customer information faster and more accessible.

Quotes as well as invoices are now formulated anywhere and everywhere. What does that mean for our customers? No wait time, no down time!

Key features of RYCO’s VMS include:

  • Real Time Transactions
  • Increased Inventory Visibility
  • Fully Auditable & Trackable System
  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Reduced Quoting Downtime
  • On-Site & In-Store Quoting
  • Van & Counter Sales
  • Onsite & On Location Australian Wide
  • Data Entry Time Improvement
A strong advocate of RYCO’s newly introduced paperless system – Ben from RYCO Hydraulics Newman, Western Australia uses VMS every day.

“VMS provides you with the ability to quote and invoice jobs instantly not only on site but in-store as well. I operate VMS out in the field but also for in-store counter sales,” Ben comments.

“What’s even better is that you can check stock availability right there and then – meaning we can provide our customers with accurate lead times. Everything with VMS happens in real time!” Ben adds.

This paperless-based solution is in its preliminary stages and phrase two roll out to include even more innovative technology. Stay tuned to find out more!

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