Couplings Explained

Couplings Explained

RYCO Couplings are designed and manufactured by people who know hydraulics.

We manufacture hose couplings in many different styles and sizes to match RYCO hose series, with a wide range of thread and connection types.


What is a Coupling?

A hose cannot be connected to a system like a hydraulic circuit without attaching a component, called a ‘coupling’, to each of its ends. When couplings are attached to the ends of a hose, it completes what is called a ‘hose assembly’.

Couplings have two ends, the ‘hose end’ and the ‘connector end’. For the connector end, there are many different ‘end styles’ to choose from so that hose assemblies can be uniquely configured for the application. Connector ends can be straight or have a 30, 45, 60, 90 or 135-degree configuration. They can also have one of the various connector styles such as JSEAL™, JIC, SAE, or BSPP to name just a few of the many.


Types of Couplings

Couplings are specifically matched to the hose type and series and can be one or two-pieces and are either crimped on, pushed on or field attachable.


One-Piece Crimp Couplings

RYCO - One Piece Crimp Couplings

Field Attachable Couplings

RYCO - Field Attachable Couplings



Push On and Suction & Return Couplings

RYCO - Push On and Suction & Return Couplings

Considerations for Hose Assembly

Couplings have their own series designations and not every configuration and connector style is available for every coupling series and/or hose size. Hose couplings must be carefully matched to the hose. When the hose for an application has been selected, it is crucial that the couplings to eb.

When selecting couplings for building a hose assembly, there are specifications to consider such as:

  • Hose type
  • Hose series
  • Hose size
  • Coupling connector end style
  • Connector end style
  • Coupling series (that is matched to the hose)


Couplings Part Number

The coupling series, connector end style number, hose size it is matched to, and the connector end size are all readily identified in the coupling part number.

T2090-1216 is a coupling part number, and it has two halves.

The first half shows that the coupling series is T2000. The connector end style number is also in the first half and is 090 (090 will always mean NPT Male even in different series of couplings).

The second half of the coupling part number reflects two different measurements. The hose inside diameter measurement that this coupling will match is always the two numbers immediately following the dash or -12 in the example.

The connector end size is always the last two numbers in the part number or -16 in the example.

Want more information?

If you would like to know more about RYCO Couplings, contact our RYCO Hydraulics Customer Service Team or fill out our contact form.