RYCO Crimp App  Available NOW

RYCO Crimp App Available NOW

RYCO Crimp is your source for RYCO crimp specifications. Find the most up-to-date specifications to accurately and safely crimp RYCO hydraulic hoses with matched RYCO fittings.

This intuitive application enables you to get your crimp specifications within your very own workshop or in your mobile service truck using your tablet or mobile phone device!

Begin by selecting your RYCO hose series, size, and part number with your coupling series and you are on your way to access all the specifications necessary to crimp your hydraulic hose.

Key features include:

  • Picture Guide of selected RYCO Hose & Coupling Series
  • Critical Crimp Details such as Crimp Diameter (+/-) & Mark Length
  • Colour Coded Rapid Die Colour & Number
  • Add Common Crimp Specifications to Favourites
  • Portrait & Landscape Modes
  • Toggle Button To Switch Between Metric & Imperial Units of Measure

This easy-to-use application contains all the information required to crimp your desired RYCO hose and fitting accurately and safely.

The RYCO Crimp application is now available for your Android and iOS devices:

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That’s crimp specifications you can retrieve within your hydraulic hose repair workshop or even in your mobile service vehicle!

Want more information?

To find out more about the RYCO Crimp application, contact RYCO Hydraulics.

How Can RYCO Thread ID Mate Application Reduce Downtime For Hydraulic Specialists?

How Can RYCO Thread ID Mate Application Reduce Downtime For Hydraulic Specialists?

Are you a time poor hydraulic hose technician, workshop owner, hose assembler or Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS)? If so, RYCO Hydraulics has recently developed an advanced, time-saving solution – RYCO Thread ID Mate application.

Gone are the days where you find yourself spending hours identifying hydraulic threads. Our easy to use and completely free application is ready to download:

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Only launched in May 2020, RYCO Thread ID Mate application is already proving to be the perfect on-the-go solution for hydraulic specialists, with over 2,000 downloads from both iOS and Google Play users.

What are the major benefits of RYCO’s Thread ID Mate application?

  • Identify internal and external hydraulic threads and connectors on the go – in your mobile truck, at your store counter!
  • Free and easy to download onto your iOS and Android devices.
  • Decrease your safety risk by identifying the correct hydraulic thread for your hydraulic application.
  • Simplify the process of identifying hydraulic connectors. No more confusion when selecting hydraulic threads. RYCO’s Thread ID Mate application provides an intuitive and simple identification process to help you find detailed information about threads specifications (like BSP, NPT, JIS, ORFS, SAE), sizes and more!

Maximum uptime decrease downtime coupled with improved knowledge about hydraulic threads – less stress is certainly guaranteed with RYCO’s Thread ID Mate application!

Please, provide us with your feedback as your opinion truly matters. Let us improve your experience:

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Want more information?

To find out more about the RYCO Thread ID Mate application and have thread identification at your fingertips, contact RYCO Hydraulics.

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