QEH&S Manager Celebrates  30 Year Anniversary Service @RYCO

QEH&S Manager Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary Service @RYCO

RYCO Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEH&S) Manager celebrates 30-year service anniversary with RYCO Hydraulics.

George Trainor started back in December 1990, as a Production Quality Engineer. Back then, RYCO only had one location, (previous headquarters in Footscray, Australia) with less than 100 employees both in the office and factory.

Fast forward to 2020, RYCO has since evolved and expanded on a global scale with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a global network of distribution centres, OEM hose assembly centres and RYCO 24•7 Service Centres. Our global footprint has extended to USA, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Austria, China, and Australia with our global headquarters located in Melbourne. We have 850 employees worldwide,3 production facilities, 6,789 clients and 26 global offices.

George has played a pivotal role in ‘Connecting Partnerships’ with Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) whereby negotiations began mid-1991. When the ASC required specialised hydraulic hose assemblies, they chose RYCO to design, test and produce to their high standards.

Only RYCO has the design, technology, and testing facilities within Australia to meet the extreme requirements of the ASC. The experience and expertise gained through these challenges’ flows into the other areas of defence work that RYCO conducts so that no matter what the requirement regarding a defence application RYCO is more than able to respond.

George has since progressed to a Quality Manager and now is RYCO’s QEH&S Manager. All RYCO Hose Assembly Type Approvals for marine applications are arranged by George. RYCO holds type approvals from various third parties for hoses used in RYCO matched hose assemblies including hose assemblies fitted with Stainless Steel couplings used on ocean liners, navy vessels, commercial catamarans and in submarine fleets.

“Have loved my time at RYCO and hope there are many more years to come”, said Mr Trainor.

George is the longest standing RYCO employee apart from CEO – Leigh Morrison.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to George on achieving this milestone.

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