Introducing the NEW

Introducing the NEW

We are excited to launch our all-new RYCO website. Our new website focuses on easy navigation, intuitive design, and improved user experience (UX) supported with product visuals and detailed descriptions.

RYCO want to keep you in the Know How. We have a variety of downloadable media and useful technical guides all available within the one destination –

Our Mission is to listen to our customers and deliver the highest quality and technologically superior fluid conveying connection products and solutions. That’s why you can easily download your product’s accompanying technical manual online – anytime, anywhere!

RYCO is committed to building a digital presence whether that is web or mobile applications and as such we’ve got a new look, full of new features and innovative solutions to meet your browsing needs!

Key Features:

Individual Product Pages:

Each RYCO product whether it is a hose, coupling or adaptor now has its very own individual page. For example, RYCO Hoses includes technical specifications such as type approvals, construction, performance, part numbers, hose sizes and matched coupling series.

RYCO New Site Individual Product Page

RYCO New Site Related Products

Optimised Search Function:

Advanced search function allows you to find what product you are looking for. Search by maximum working pressure, hose construction, hose cover type, thread type, part number and more!

RYCO New Site Optimised Search Function

General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Sean Babbage said, “2021 will see a huge digital focus for the RYCO Global Marketing Team and a part of that we are pleased to deliver our all-new website!

This easy-to-use and easy to navigate website is just one of the innovative digital updates and upgrades derived by RYCO this year and many more are coming soon!

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RYCO Crimp App  Available NOW

RYCO Crimp App Available NOW

RYCO Crimp is your source for RYCO crimp specifications. Find the most up-to-date specifications to accurately and safely crimp RYCO hydraulics hoses with matched RYCO fittings.

This intuitive application enables you to get your crimp specifications within your very own workshop or in your mobile service truck using your tablet or mobile phone device!

Begin by selecting your RYCO hose series, size, and part number with your coupling series and you are on your way to access all the specifications necessary to crimp your hydraulic hose.

Key features include:

  • Picture Guide of selected RYCO Hose & Coupling Series
  • Critical Crimp Details such as Crimp Diameter (+/-) & Mark Length
  • Colour Coded Rapid Die Colour & Number
  • Add Common Crimp Specifications to Favourites
  • Portrait & Landscape Modes
  • Toggle Button To Switch Between Metric & Imperial Units of Measure

This easy-to-use application contains all the information required to crimp your desired RYCO hose and fitting accurately and safely.

The RYCO Crimp application is now available for your Android and iOS devices:

googleplaybutton       ios-store-button

That’s crimp specifications you can retrieve within your hydraulic hose repair workshop or even in your mobile service vehicle!

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RYCO South Africa  B-BBEE Level 1 Certified

RYCO South Africa B-BBEE Level 1 Certified


RYCO Hydraulics South Africa has been rewarded with the Broad-Based Black Economic Employer (B-BBEE) verification certificate with a level ONE rating.

RYCO are now the only foreign owned manufacturer in South Africa to achieve and be rewarded the Broad-Based Black Economic Employer verification certificate (B-BBEE) with a level ONE rating.

Through its verification services, AMAX BEE assists businesses in managing economic empowerment opportunities and risks. We pride ourselves in embracing the B-BBEE verification process and excelling in the South African economy.

Our mission for diversity within the workforce is truly highlighted by this achievement.  RYCO encourages workplace diversity by actively promoting an environment which is inclusive, respectful, and committed to recognising’s an individual’s differences throughout our offices, branches as well as RYCO 24•7 Service Centres and Mobile Connector Specialists in major cities around the world.

RYCO recognises workplace diversity as an integral part of how we operate and is imperative to our success. We also recognise that we have a responsibility to prevent modern slavery. Freedom from slavery is a fundamental human right and RYCO is committed to addressing, mitigating, and preventing any slavery in its operations, supply chain or any business relationships.

This certificate greatly contributes to RYCO increasing business opportunities further in the South African market and we look forward to continually expanding and growing within this region.

RYCO Hydraulics South Africa
RYCO Head Office
340 Roan Crescent, Corporate Park North Midrand, REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, 1685
+27 10 4100 500

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RYCO Vehicles Go Paperless

RYCO Vehicles Go Paperless

It’s been close to twelve months now since RYCO Hydraulics has introduced a paperless business system VMS – Vehicle Management System.

“When’s my invoice due?” your customer may ask. With VMS, you don’t need to spend hours sorting through mountains of paperwork to find documents.

Paperless systems can make pulling up customer information faster and more accessible.

Quotes as well as invoices are now formulated anywhere and everywhere. What does that mean for our customers? No wait time, no down time!

Key features of RYCO’s VMS include:

  • Real Time Transactions
  • Increased Inventory Visibility
  • Fully Auditable & Trackable System
  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Reduced Quoting Downtime
  • On-Site & In-Store Quoting
  • Van & Counter Sales
  • Onsite & On Location Australian Wide
  • Data Entry Time Improvement
A strong advocate of RYCO’s newly introduced paperless system – Ben from RYCO Hydraulics Newman, Western Australia uses VMS every day.

“VMS provides you with the ability to quote and invoice jobs instantly not only on site but in-store as well. I operate VMS out in the field but also for in-store counter sales,” Ben comments.

“What’s even better is that you can check stock availability right there and then – meaning we can provide our customers with accurate lead times. Everything with VMS happens in real time!” Ben adds.

This paperless-based solution is in its preliminary stages and phrase two roll out to include even more innovative technology. Stay tuned to find out more!

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RYCO is On The Ball Again… Volleyball

RYCO is On The Ball Again… Volleyball

Austrian pair Moritz Fabian Kindl and Mathias Seiser completed their golden run in the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Vaduz with a three-set win against Russia’s Daniil Kuvichka and Anton Kislytsyn.

The Austrians were ranked 12th at the start of the main draw but prevailed against the Russians and finished in victory for the gold medal.

“The key to success was our service. We are more than happy with the tournament, we have more than reached our goals with the final. Now everything on top of this is a bonus,” Kindl and Seiser commented.

Like Kindl and Seiser the key to RYCO’s success is our commitment to continual improvement and our dedication to develop products to meet our customer needs. RYCO Hydraulics is dynamic and dedicated. Our team brings together the best and most experienced people in the industry.

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Thales Hawkei – Next Generation Protected Vehicle

Thales Hawkei – Next Generation Protected Vehicle

The Thales Hawkei is a light four-wheel drive protected vehicle designed to meet an Australian Defence Force (ADF) requirement for a light armoured patrol vehicle.

RYCO has been involved with the development and production of hose assemblies and adaptors for use on Thales Bushmaster and Thales Hawkei. 

Alongside McCulloch Hydraulic Engineers (Bendigo, Australia), who kit our assemblies with other parts they supply, we have a long-term partnership with Thales (Bendigo, facility).

The Thales Hawkei is a highly mobile, highly protected, 7-tonne, 4×4, new generation vehicle with a 3-tonne payload, designed to meet the demanding requirements of land forces world-wide.

Thales Hawkei delivers class-leading protection and is highly effective across a diverse range of mission profiles. Roles include troop movement, command and control, electronic warfare, liaison, surveillance and reconnaissance.

As an accredited supplier to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the US Department of Defence and to the Australian Defence Industry Group, RYCO understands the specialist requirements of defence equipment.

Thales Hawkei meets the requirements of global defence forces for a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicle able to operate in an environment under threat from improvised explosive devices, mines and ambushes.

RYCO has the capability to design and deliver hydraulic hose systems that must meet the rigorous demands of defence applications.

Working with RYCO means receiving a broad range of hydraulic activities and support for enterprises that demand integrated solutions as required by the defence industry.

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Source: Thales Group

Imagery: © Commonwealth of Australia 2018

RYCO & Lubemasters

RYCO & Lubemasters

We are growing! First Thailand, next was Russia and now we welcome our newest distributor – Lubemasters in South Africa!

Lubemasters Hydraulic Hose Service, opened in June 2005 by Francesco Moretti who has been in the lubrication and garage equipment field since 1993. With Francesco’s expertise, he has run a successful business offering maintenance, service, installation and sales in the commercial and industrial field.

Lubemasters’ workmanship is guaranteed for one year and offers 24 hour, 7 days a week on call services nationally. Reactions to all call outs and breakdowns are within 48 hours with Lubemasters’ three brand new trucks.

RYCO are continuously expanding our horizons and thus, we’ve developed our manufacturing and distribution business on a global scale, working with industries in diverse sectors.

RYCO are looking forward to working with Lubemasters to provide complete port-to-port solutions. Our market and sales support, customer care support, and technical support coupled with 70 years of industry expertise and know how provide superior distribution support to our clients enabling increased efficiency and continuous improvements.

We would like to thank Lubemasters for joining the RYCO family as well as thank our long-term distributors for their ongoing support to RYCO Hydraulics.

Want more information?

Whether you are a local or global distributor, talk to RYCO about becoming part of the RYCO global distribution network “Connecting Partnerships” to enhance your business.

RYCO & Pressman Co., Ltd

RYCO & Pressman Co., Ltd

For over 18 years, Pressman Co., Ltd has been supplying high-quality high-pressure hoses and components. The magnitude of Pressman Co., Ltd supply covers the whole of Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

Like Pressman, RYCO Hydraulics understand that in today’s competitive global business environment, the requirement for suppliers and clients to work closely together is greater than ever before.

RYCO’s strategically placed global warehouses and distribution network provide superior delivery solutions for the world market. Within this network, we are very glad to announce our partnership with Pressman.

Pressman pride themselves on the replenishment of stock twice a month. Alike, RYCO’s focus on continuous product development and flexible distribution support ensures we meet the growing needs of the worldwide hydraulics industry.

Through our extensive global footprint and network of loyal and committed distributors, RYCO can ensure quality products are delivered to clients, whenever and wherever required.

We would like to thank Pressman Co., Ltd for joining the RYCO family as well as thank our long-term distributors for their ongoing support to RYCO Hydraulics.

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Whether you are a local or global distributor, talk to RYCO about becoming part of the RYCO global distribution network “Connecting Partnerships” to enhance your business.

RYCO Are All About Connections

RYCO Are All About Connections

RYCO offer the largest range of adaptors providing port-to-port solutions to meet your needs. No matter what adaptor you require, RYCO will connect you!


What is an Adaptor?

Adaptors connect different components within a hydraulic system, and are typically used to overcome difficulties with routing, or to enable connections between different termination types.

They primarily have two key functions:

    1. HOLD fluid system components together under pressure;
    2. SEAL the fluid within the fluid system.

Adaptors are used for connecting any of the following to each other:

  • Hose Assemblies
  • Tube or Pipe
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Cylinders
  • Other Hydraulic Components


Features & Benefits

RYCO adaptors enable connections via the change of the termination size, termination type or termination direction (routing). They have many key features including the following:

  • Versatility – Adaptors overcome difficulties with routing or enable connections between different termination types.
  • Adaptability – RYCO adaptors are used to connect to different directions, genders and threads.
  • RYCOTE – The RYCOTE system is an environmentally friendly plating technology that achieves even greater performance. RYCOTE exceeds national and international standards – up to 500+ hours to Red Rust.
  • RYCO Quality – RYCO designs, develops and manufactures our own products.


RYCO Range

Our adaptors provide Higher Technology and Greater Performance and our extensive range of end styles includes: BSP & BSPP, NPT / NPSM, JIC, METRIC, ORFS, SAE Threads, UNO (O RING BOSS), SUPERLOK, and RYCO WEO and many more.

What defines some of these end styles:

  • BSPBritish Standard Pipe also known as Whitworth 55° Thread Form. These threadsare similar in function to NPT threads, but are generally not interchangeable.
  • NPT / NPSMNPSM is a companion thread to NPT. It is a female swivel connection with a parallel thread to allow the male NPT to fully engage with the 30-degree sealing face.
  • MetricMetric threads are used as both general adaptors and as port adaptors.


Adaptor Performance Specifications

Many standards exist for adaptors. Sometimes linked to origin of connection:

  • SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers (USA): NPT, JIC, UNO, ORFS, SAE FLANGE
  • DIN/EN – Deutsche Industry Norme (Europe): DKL/DKOL, DKS/DKOS
  • BS – British Standards: BSPT, BSPP
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization


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