RYCO Filters 101

RYCO Filters 101

Filters are complementary to RYCO’s product offering and we have a wide range of filters and filtration accessories including inline spin-on, heavy duty inline, tank top, suction strainers, diffusers, air breather, filler cap/strainer, push-on filler as well as level and temperature gauges.

What is filtration?

The process by which solid particles are separated from a fluid by passing the fluid through a permeable material that will not let the solid particles through.

Filtration is needed to remove contamination from a hydraulic system. Contamination increases wear on hydraulic components and can lead to increased breakdowns.

How do filters work?

Filters work by passing hydraulic fluid through filter media, trapping particles of contamination allowing clean oil to flow through to the outlet.

Where are filters used in hydraulic systems?

Filters are used in four common areas of hydraulic systems:

  • Inline Filter
  • Return Filter
  • Suction Filter
  • Tank Filler/Breather

What are the types of filters?

There are three main types of filters: spin-on filters, inline filters, tank top filters as well as suction strainers and diffusers.

  1. Spin-on Filters
  • RYCO RIF series are all spin-on filters.
  • Spin-on filters are quick and easy to change.
  • They are available with a range of filtration ratings.
  • RIF15 has water trap feature.
  • Available in common thread types such as BSPP, BSPT and SAE CODE 61.
  1. Inline Filters
  • RHF and RCF are heavy duty filters for mobile and industrial applications.
  • Higher pressure than spin-on filter.
  • All aluminium cast construction.
  • One-piece casting for main body housing.
  • RCF can be used as either as either an inline filter, tank top or suction filter.
  1. Tank Top Filters
  • Designed to filter returning to hydraulic tank.
  • All aluminium cast construction.
  • One-piece casting for main body housing.
  • Bypass valve built into the filter element.
  • Flow of oil bypasses the filter element if the filter.
  • Becomes blocked with contaminant.
  • Permanent magnet bonded to bottom of top cover.
  • Plate to catch coarse ferrous particles.
  1. Suction Strainers & Diffusers
  • Used inside hydraulic tanks.
  • Suction strainer used to protect the pump from large particle contamination.
  • Diffusers are designed to be installed on the return line, inside the oil reservoir.
  • They minimise turbulence and foaming of the oil and help to reduce reservoir noise.

What are the types of RYCO Reservoir Accessories?

Clogging Indicators

  • Used to indicate when filter element is clogged and requires changing.
  • Available as either a gauge or electrical switch.
  • For use with RYCO RIF-10, RIF-12, RIF-06, RHF, RTI, RFI and RCF Series Filters.

Level & Temperature Gauges

  • Indicate oil level in hydraulic tank, with three lengths available.
  • Also available with temperature gauge.

Tank Breather/ Fillers

  • Filters air entering hydraulic tank.
  • R60 and R300 have threaded connection.
  • R381 is push on, and acts as a filling cap.
  • R365 cap plus strainer for filling hydraulic tank.
Want more information?

If you would like to know more about RYCO Filters, contact our Customer Service team or fill out our contact form.

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