RYCO Braided Hoses

RYCO Braided Hoses

What is a Braided Hose?

As the name might indicate, a braided hose is constructed using layers of either textile or high tensile steel wire braided together to form a crisscross pattern.

RYCO hoses with a braided construction are highly flexible and are ideal for high to medium-pressure applications.

Other key features of RYCO braided hoses include:

  • Lightweight
  • Varity of hose covers to suit different conditions
  • Matched to popular RYCO Couplings including field attachable range
  • Wide spectrum of applications
  • High impulse resistance (T3000D tested to 1Mil. Impulse cycles)
  • Many third part approvals – ABS, DNV-GL etc.

Construction of Braided Hoses

  1. Inner Tube – although inner tubes are chemically resistant to fluid, they cannot withstand pressure on its own and that is why there is the reinforcement.
  2. Reinforcement – one or multiple layers of textile or high tensile steel braided wire provides pressure resistance.
  3. Hose Cover – covers protect the reinforcement from abrasion, impact, atmosphere, chemicals, temperature, and environment.

RYCO Braided Hose

RYCO braided hoses range consists of:

Braid hoses offer variances in strength and flexibility to suit certain applications, so it is important to understand what each braid hose is designed for.


The RYCO ISOBARIC T series (Braid) hose range deliver half SAE minimum bend radius and compact dimensions. They cover high, very high or extremely high-pressure hydraulic oil lines and have constant pressure across all sizes.

Reinforced with braiding of high tensile steel wire, these lightweight ISOBARIC braid hoses feature a small bend radius for easy handling, transport, and installation.


ISOBARIC braid hoses offer a choice of two covers DIEHARD™ (abrasion, flame resistant and anti-static) and SLIDER (including flame resistant and highly abrasion resistant).

Some leading hydraulic ISOBARIC braid hoses that RYCO design, manufacture and produce include T3600C, T4000D, T5000S and much more. In fact, RYCO have 81 products in the T series (Braid) RYCO hose range for you to choose from!

RYCO Textile Braid

RYCO textile braid hydraulic hoses are lightweight and flexible for your medium and low-pressure hydraulic applications. They are commonly used to transmit petroleum based hydraulic oils, glycol anti-freeze solutions, water, diesel fuels and air.

RYCO Textile Range

Select from a variety of textile braid hoses including PL1D, PL1PV, M1, M2 and more. RYCO is the only supplier with a FRAS rated push-on hose with an abrasion resistant cover for underground mine sites – making this hose one-of-a-kind!  These hoses are matched to 8000 Push-On Couplings Series.

Want more information?

To find out more about the RYCO braided hose range, contact RYCO Hydraulics.

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