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» Warehouse Team Leader Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary Service at RYCO

RYCO Warehouse Team Leader, Peter Nguyen celebrates 30-year service anniversary with RYCO Hydraulics!

Peter also known as Pete, started his career within the plating section at RYCO Hydraulics in Footscray, Australia 30 years ago.

Pete was passionate about fitness way back then and was frequently seen by his fellow peers running around the site and doing chin-ups. Back then he ensured his newly found RYCO friends “I don’t plan on being with RYCO for long as I am still finding my way in the working world”. Fast track to today, Pete is an integral member of the Warehouse Team at RYCO’s Head Office in Derrimut, Australia but this isn’t without career changes!

After being out on the warehouse floor, Pete moved into the office and took up a position in Customer Service. However, this wasn’t the right position for Pete. He mentioned with a smile, “no one could understand me”. So, with full determination in his step, Pete returned to the warehouse in a receiving position. This role was a better fit for Pete, and he remained in the position for almost 20 years.

Looking to progress up the RYCO ladder, Pete took on a Leading Hand position. With his extensive knowledge of RYCO parts and processes, Pete excelled in the role and even began training up new warehouse staff. His latest move within RYCO has seen Pete tackle the Warehouse Afternoon Shift Team Leader job, where he remains today.

We would like to extend a big congratulations to Peter on achieving this milestone.

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