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Mobile Connector Specialists, Central Queensland, Australia

Mobile Connector Specialists provide technical and troubleshooting support for RYCO contracts, attend to customer queries regarding products or hydraulic hose related matters, repair and replace hydraulic hoses at customer sites and manufacture hose assemblies. Ideal candidates will have exposure to service/repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

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RYCO HR Referral Notice

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If your referral is successful you could earn up to $500!

First day referred employee commences:
$250 reward to referring employee

Completion of three months service:
$250 reward to referring employee

Payments will be made via cash or gift card.

To refer someone for this role, complete the referral form for a chance at winning $500!*
*T&C’s apply.
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RYCO HR Referral Notice 2018



Terms & Conditions

*Referral Submission:

1.    Submit the candidate’s CV and Cover Letter to and tell us why you think the candidate would be suitable (in a few sentences).
2.    Claim your reward if the referred candidate is successfully placed in an eligible role and at 3 months service.

Please note that there is no limit on the number of candidate referrals an employee can submit, however the employee must receive permission from the candidate before submitting their application. Upon receiving a referral, HR will review the application on its merits. The referral of a candidate does not oblige RYCO to conduct an interview and the decision to employ the candidate is at the discretion of RYCO. Progress of the referred candidate’s application is a confidential matter between RYCO and the candidate and does not need to be shared with the referring employee. The referring employee will however be notified if their referred candidate is successful in obtaining a role, and when 3 months service has been completed.

Who is not eligible?
Employees who as part of their role have the responsibility to fill a position and/or provide for the continuing ability of RYCO to meet its recruitment requirements are not eligible for the program. Employees in this category include but are not limited to:

·         Employees and Managers (direct and indirect) who are involved in the hiring or selection process

·         HR Team

Referrals that do not follow the correct process or comply with the rules of the program, including where the employee referral is submitted retrospectively i.e. received after the date of the first interview, or where the introduction is verbal or ad-hoc, will not receive a referral reward.

Referrals to any of the following positions will not attract a referral reward:
·         Office-based positions
·         Casual positions
·         Fixed term contract positions (less than 12 months)
·         Temporary and permanent positions employed through recruitment suppliers

Referrals of any of the following candidates will not attract a referral payment:
·         Candidates currently employed (or have previously worked) for RYCO
·         Candidates who have already been referred by another employee
·         Candidates who have already submitted their application via another source
·         Candidates who have been submitted by a recruitment supplier

The referral reward is a gross amount and will be subject to taxation, and processed in the subsequent pay period. In order to qualify for the reward, both the referring employee and referred employee must be employed by RYCO at the time of payment. Neither the referring employee or the referred candidate may be in their notice period to terminate. This reward cannot be split by multiple employees. When more than one employee has referred the same candidate, only the first person to submit the candidate will receive the reward.