HALP® – RYCO Hydraulics

RYCO Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor


RYCO Hose Assembly Lifespan Predictor – HALP® is a program that predicts the lifespan of hose assemblies for given conditions and environments. This innovative computer program can be used to help predict the lifespan of a hose assembly or select hose assemblies for varying environments and conditions.

RYCO HALP® is designed to be proactive, thereby reducing the number of hose assembly failures. RYCO HALP® aids in determining when to economically carry out preventative maintenance and replace hose assemblies BEFORE they fail. By being proactive, HALP® assists in risk management and helps to prevent oil injection accidents, usually caused by failure of a hose assembly that has been used beyond its useful service life.

The RYCO HALP® program determines when a hose assembly’s theoretical life has been consumed and provides management with the opportunity to replace the hose assembly before it potentially becomes fatal. HALP® reduces risk to workers and lost production related to down time.

RYCO HALP® provides an automatic and inbuilt review facility that considers the condition of hose assemblies and their deterioration over time relative to initial predictions. Ongoing reviews are conducted by RYCO Hydraulics to analyse hose assemblies and to upgrade projections in the HALP® program.

When the system is installed, RYCO Hydraulics personnel audit the application and compare the environment with similar known environments. The known environmental conditions of a mine or application, such as pH levels (corrosion), working fluids, temperatures (environmental and fluid), abrasion, style of hose, twisting, bending and routing are then entered.

Technical issues concerning the mine’s (or application’s) hose assembly products are then addressed. This includes third party accreditation such as DNV, ABS, GL, MED, BV and Lloyd’s Register where applicable.

The HALP platform is part of our new RYCO Asset Management System (QRAM). Click on the link below to sign up to our QRAM platform.

 RYCO Asset Management System (QRAM)