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QRAM - RYCO Asset Management System

Bringing Your Customer Back to You.

QRAM - RYCO Asset Management System Platform

QRAM - RYCO Asset Management System Brochure

From just a touch of a button, your customer scans and clicks.
You make your next sale. RYCO QRAM works for you.

  • How important is it to keep your customer in your hands for the life of the equipment, even well after the warranty period has expired?
  • Are you missing out on long term aftermarket sales?  
  • RYCO QRAM is your answer.
Customer Retention

QRAM brings the customer back to you. It provides a direct link from your customer to you, when they need it most.

Scan to Sale

Sales, Store locations, Mobile Service Vehicle Locations, contact details and part numbers are easily and quickly identified after scanning the asset label.

Aftermarket Sales

Aftermarket sales will never be lost. Improved speed to market via immediate contact with exact product and location information.

24/7 Ordering Service

Your Service Centres and/or RYCO Distributor (RYCO 24•7) Service Centres can instantly provide 24/7 service with QRAM’s re-ordering feature.

Multiple Hierarchy Levels

Programmable visibility, user defined access and client to client control.

RYCO Asset Management System Dashboard


RYCO QRAM Customer

100% Accuracy.

QRAM offers repeat business with 100% accuracy when re-ordering assets.

The registered asset is recorded with the complete bill of materials and manufacturing processes. Transparency and ease of identification by the client, ensures faster response times and speed to market without error.

  • Speed to Market
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Global Traceability
  • Ease of Supply
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Transfer
  • Warranty Reduction
Bill of materials

QRAM provides 100% accuracy with the complete Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Processes at your fingertips. Drawings, photos and test records can be easily viewed, maintained and attached.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is automatic with QRAM’s geolocation.
As soon as the asset is scanned, it’s geolocation is known.

Asset Transfer

You can transfer any asset to another registered user.
When you sell a machine or asset, simply transfer the asset or group of assets to your dealer or customer.



Full Traceability.

QRAM Caters for:

  • Aftermarket Sales
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of Installation
  • Customer Retention
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Bill of Materials
  • Drawings and Test Data
  • Batch Coding
RYCO QRAM Traceability Machinery

RYCO QRAM Printed Label Hose Assembly

Accurate. Reliable. Robust.

One simple solution.

Creating clear and durable asset identification labels is simple with QRAM. The QRAM labels provide the digital link to the asset information. They are strong. They are robust. They can withstand harsh environments.

Made Tough

Made from durable Mylar adhesive tape. QRAM labels can be easily applied to hydraulic hoses. Tried and tested to withstand extreme conditions.

Your Brand

QRAM can cater for your branding. Print your logo on each label.

User Defined Fields

Customise your label. Print your part-number, contact details, your location or whatever you need on each and every label.

Quick Identification

QRAM labelling ensures quick and accurate identification of the asset. Repeat aftermarket sales through the re-ordering process within QRAM.

Ease of Use.

Printers and Devices

Different printers are available depending on manufacturing volume.


QRAM can be downloaded to most internet connected mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.

RYCO QRAM Printers

RYCO Asset Management System Hose Assembly QR Code Scan

One Scan. Endless Possibilities.

Rely on a secure, powerful and safe asset management system. The RYCO Asset Management system.

QRAM can be securely accessed anywhere, anytime by using compatible mobile or desktop devices connected to the internet. Creating custom QRAM labels is quick and easy.

Scan and Go

QRAM gives operators and hose assemblers instant access to essential hose assembly information. Ensuring a reduction in  high hidden costs and productivity losses.

Asset Within an Asset

List an asset within another asset. Register another machine as an asset, then register other assets or sub-assemblies within that machine/asset.

QRAM gives you instant control.

  • Manufacturer Information
  • Replacement Details
  • Bill of Materials
  • Asset Details
  • Inspection History
  • Meter Reading History
  • Work Order
  • Maintenance Schedule

QRAM provides grouping of assets, either within a machine, a circuit or kit. Machines, circuits or kits can be given their own Asset Number. QRAM then knows all the assets in that kit, in that circuit or in that machine. Simply scan the label
to see all the assets registered.

Service Life

QRAM has the ability to record Service Life in terms of predicted Service Hours or Number of Years. For example, we may estimate that the Service Life of an asset is 5,000 hours or 3 years.

Machine Hours

QRAM records the service life hours of each asset. Machine hours can be easily maintained manually or group updated by scanning the machine label entering its hours.

Machine/Circuit Position

QRAM can record the position of your asset within a circuit of the machine. For example, you may place an asset in the ‘Front Left Steering Circuit’.

Maximise Utilisation

You can increase your or your clients equipment utilisation by using QRAM’s asset auditing and preventative maintenance features. Guaranteeing an increase in productivity and equipment utilisation.

RYCO Asset Management System Printed Label Layout

RYCO Asset Management System Service Store Locator

Onsite and On Location Globally.

Find your next replacement faster with QRAM Store Locator.

QRAM offers OEM’s and Distributors the ability to show their network locations and provide multiple re-order points, globally. Your customer will never be lost.

Minimise your downtime

Your customer can find your nearest store location or Mobile Service Vehicle in just a few taps. The store locator app allows your customer to re-order from any site, in any location around the globe.

Global Network

QRAM works around the globe, regardless of your location. Sell, service and monitor your assets and equipment in any city, state or country. You are just a few taps away from an easier and more precise way of managing your labelled assets globally.

Custom Location pin

Use your company logo to allow customers to pinpoint your location.

Live Mobile Geolocation

Let your Customer see where your Mobile Connector Specialist (MCS) or your Mobile Service Vehicles are with QRAM’s Live Mobile Geolocation.

Report Faster. Report Smarter. Act Sooner.

QRAM asset data makes management reporting easy.

Use QRAM’s asset data and management reports to highlight unexpected failures, hot-spots and usages. This visibility provides for easy analysis and quick action where required. You can engineer out hot-spots, adjust preventative maintenance schedules and replace assets before they fail.

Analysis reporting
  • OEMs and Distributors have the visibility to conduct failure mode analysis.
  • Equipment Utilisation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Preventative and Proactive Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Supportive Customer Retention

View all your hose assemblies in QRAM. Harmonise and Rationalise your Hose Assemblies.

Email Alerts

QRAM can send out email alerts to defined users. You can set various triggers for email alerts and reminders. For example, prior to scheduled maintenance; 80% of Service Life has been consumed; and overdue inspections.

Life Cycle Management - HALP®

QRAM incorporates a SQL database and RYCO Know How technology. Hose assemblies can be designed using HALP®, RYCO’s Hose Assembly Life Prediction system, to maximise lifespan.

The HALP® system helps you design a preventative schedule of maintenance and testing for each hose assembly or groups of hose assemblies.

Preventative Maintenance

QRAM ensures asset utilisation is maximised with planning and preventative maintenance scheduling. Predictive life spans of assets, scheduled inspections and work orders are undertaken with confidence.

Secure Data Storage

QRAM can be managed and controlled by you with piece of mind. Secure asset information and secure access protocols.

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QRAM - RYCO Asset Management System Platform

QRAM - RYCO Asset Management System Brochure

RYCO Asset Management System Main Interface