RYCO JSEAL™ – The New Standard in JIC Fittings

RYCO’s JSEAL™ couplings redefines the benchmark for fitting technology, outperforming any standard JIC fittings connection.

JSEAL™ is ideal for a wide range of industries and provides customers with an increased efficiency, improved productivity, unparalleled reliability and
ongoing cost effectiveness. The high quality, reliable and leak free JSEAL™ couplings reduce environmental impacts and improve productivity and cost effectiveness.

Based on rigorous testing, both in the laboratory and on the assembly line, JSEAL™ revolutionises the fluid conveying technology. The design of JSEAL™ features a convex female seat that is engineered to be used with any male JIC fitting.

For you this mean NO sweating, NO weeping, NO stretching, NO cracking, and NO leaks. With JSEAL™ you can expect savings on labour, savings on warranty claims as well as savings on part replacement.

JSEAL™ truly outperforms any standard JIC fitting, delivering double the strength and torque at the same cost.

Effective Solutions

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RYCO Hydraulics is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to our customers. Our team identified the need for a JIC fitting that equals or betters the performance of ORFS. Through extensive research and development, RYCO is proud to launch to offer the new and improved JIC fitting – JSEAL™.

Redefining Benchmarks

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RYCO JSEAL™ redefines the benchmark for fitting technology, delivering double the torque, double the strength and double the working pressure of JIC standard fittings. The design of RYCO’s JSEAL™ drives unrivalled performance, eliminating sweating, cracking, and stretching, while simplifying installation – we guarantee it.

Increased Efficiency

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RYCO’S JSEAL™ means increased efficiency, improved productivity, unparalleled reliability and ongoing cost effectiveness. Expect savings on: labour, warranty claims and part replacement.

Features & Benefits

  • No Sweating, No Weeping & No Cracking
  • Self Aligning
  • No Equipment Modification Required
  • Excellent Vibration Resistance
  • Fully Interchangeable With JIC
  • Resistant To Excessive Torque And Stretching
  • Easier Installation & Easier Connections

JSEAL™ Up To Double The Working Pressure

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