FS1072 Fire Sleeve

Technical Specifications:

Recommended For
Increasing service life of hoses used in hostile environments. It is a tough, flexible insulation, which not only protects from from intense external radiant heat, but also sheds molten metal splash. Consequently, damage to hoses is reduced and service life is increased. In the event of fire, hoses carrying flammable or hazardous materials remain intact longer. It can also be used to protect cables, pipes and wire ropes. RYCO FS1072 FIRE SLEEVE can also be used to reduce heat loss from hoses.
RYCO FS1072 FIRE SLEEVE is manufactured from high bulk braided glass fibre tubing, coated with silicon rubber. The “danger red” colour of the silicon rubber is due to heavy loading of iron oxide to improve heat resistance.

Temperature Range:
Continuous exposure: from -54°C to +260°C (-65°F to +500°F)
15 to 20 minutes: from +260°C to +1090°C (+500°F to +2000°F)
15 to 30 seconds: from +1090°C to +1640°C (+2000°F to +3000°F)

Typical Properties:
K Value in BTU/°F/hr/in2 1.20
K Value in Cal/cm 0.0004134

Flame Resistance:
7 seconds to extinguish with no afterglow.

Abrasion Resistance:
Wyzenbeck 9500 cycles, 3.1/3 lb pressure, 6 lb tension using fine emery cloth.

Oil And Fluid Resistance:
Remains functional after immersion for 120hr @ 80°F in MIL-H-5606, MIL-L-6082, Skydrol 500 LD and Skydrol 500.

Size Selection
FS1072 FIRE SLEEVE performs best when installed with a loose fit over a hose. However, some end users insist on a tight fit for the sake of appearance. To achieve this tight fit, use compressed air to expand FIRE SLEEVE as it is installed over the hose. Length of FIRE SLEEVE will shorten in length as it increases in diameter, so allow for some extra length to compensate for this.

For a loose fit, there is no hard and fast rule to relate the Nominal Inside Diameter of FIRE SLEEVE with the Nominal Outside Diameter of the hose being covered. However, it is important to take two factors into account: hose length and hose cover.

For hoses up to 5 metres (16 ft) long, use a Nominal Inside Diameter of FIRE SLEEVE 15% larger than the Nominal Outside Diameter of hose being covered. For hoses over 5 metres (16 ft) long, use a size 20% larger. Remember the FIRE SLEEVE must slide over the outside of the hose. The longer the hose, the tougher it is to install, especially if enough tolerance on a long hose has not been allowed.

As the FIRE SLEEVE must slide over the outside of the hose, the hose covering also requires special consideration. A hose with a rough rubber cover is more difficult to slide FIRE SLEEVE over than a hose with a smooth cover.

For hose covers that have a high co-efficient of friction, be sure to allow for greater tolerance between the Nominal Inside Diameter of FIRE SLEEVE and the Nominal Outside Diameter of the hose to be covered.

Sizes FS1072-08 to FS1072-104: Standard coil length is 15,24 metres (50 ft); or cut lengths. Lengths longer than 15,24 meters (50 ft) are also available, contact RYCO Customer Service.

Sizes FS1072-80 and FS1072-104: Standard coil length is 5 metres (16.4 ft)

FS1072 FIRE SLEEVE can be slit longitudinally to form a flat FIRE TAPE which can be wound around larger diameter hoses and secured with stainless steel ties or FSTAPE-16.

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