M1 – One Textile Braid 50 psi Fuel Line Hose

Technical Specifications:

Recommended For
Multi-purpose hose for use on fuel lines, PCV and EEC systems, and for fuel return hose connections on diesel fuel injection systems. For use with leaded and unleaded petrol, oil, diesel and other fuels.
TUBE: Black, oil resistant synthetic rubber.

REINFORCEMENT: One textile braid.

COVER: Black, oil resistant synthetic rubber. Resists the effects of high heat and ozone found in engine compartments.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: From -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F). For water, emulsions etc. see page 58.

WORKING PRESSURE: Maximum working pressures are based on 4:1 safety factor (maximum working pressure to minimum burst pressure).

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