SRF DEFIANT – Compact, Suction & Return Hose

Type Approvals:

Type Approvals

Technical Specifications:

Recommended For
Petroleum and water base hydraulic fluids in suction lines or in low pressure return lines. Small bend radius is an advantage in installations where space is minimal. (Tighter Bend Radius than SAE 100R4)
TUBE: Black, oil resistant synthetic rubber.

REINFORCEMENT: Textile reinforcement with spiral wire to prevent collapsing.

COVER: Black, oil resistant and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber.

COUPLINGS: Working pressure shown is for hose performance capabilities. Performance of a hose assembly depends on couplings used.
1. For Suction Applications, and Low Pressure Delivery (up to 25% of Maximum Working Pressure).
Series (sizes -12 to -32) pages 334 to 338 3300 Series Couplings require a suitable clamp around the outside of the hose. Refer to RYCO RSC Clamps shown below. Assembly instructions pages 481
2. For Suction Applications, and High Pressure Delivery (up to 100% of Maximum Working Pressure).

TEMPERATURE RANGE: From -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F). For water, emulsions etc. see page 58.

WORKING PRESSURE: Maximum working pressures are based on 4:1 safety factor (maximum working pressure to minimum burst pressure).

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