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Stay Up To Date With Our Crimp Charts

RYCO Crimp Charts are an important guide to safe and reliable hose assemblies.

RYCO Rapid Number simplifies the crimping process while reducing the risk of incorrectly fabricating a hose assembly due to operator error. RYCO Rapid Number should be used in conjunction with the corresponding crimper die colour specified for the corresponding hose and coupling combination.

Crimp dimensions should always be measured and checked using preferred methods outlined. This section covers RYCO Addendums as well as both a Metric and Imperial Crimp Chart.

It is important to note that these Crimp Charts supersede all previous Crimp Chart versions and previously issued documentation regarding crimping dimensions.

RYCO Crimp Chart

RYCO Crimp Chart Metric & Imperial

  RYCO Metric Crimp Chart

  RYCO Imperial Crimp Chart

Crimp Chart Addendums

  PIB – MS1000 and CS1000 for use with T2000 Couplings – February 2021

  PIB – Crimp Chart Addendum H5000 with T6000 Couplings – January 2021

  PIB – 125 EC1 and DF1D Hose with T2000 Series Couplings – September 2020

  PIB – 2018 122 DK1DES and DK2DES for use with T2000 couplings – October 2018

  PIB – 2018 121 C6000 Hose with T7000 Series Couplings – October 2018

  PIB – RTH16 Hose TT000 Series Couplings – June 2018