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RVCO‘s dedication to customer service is paramount. That's why we are constantly expanding our range of hose couplings to 2
meet all ofyour application needs. In 1012,RYCO updated and improved the part numbering system, which was seamlessly 9
integrated across the product range. >5
This new part numbering system entailed adding an extra numeric character to 2-digit end style lthread/con nector 3
termination) codes, and converting most alpha-numeric end styles to a 3-digit code. The exceptions to this rule are 3
the following: >-
“N” will remain in the end style coding where “N” currently represents NPT or NPSM —
"5" will replace current ~ss~ in the end style coding where ~ss~ currently represents stainless steel material
“B” will remain in the end style coding where “B” currently represents Brass material.
To maintain high levels ofcustomer service, traceability and accurate product identification, for many years RVCO has been
branding both ferrules and inserts of hose couplings. RVCO will continue to provide this level ofdetail on hose couplings 3
(including ferrules and inserts) bearing the new part numbering format. There will be no change to the identification 2
grooves that currently exist, except for those new hose coupling series’ for which the basic markings/branding are
represented on the graphics herein and in the RVCO crimp chart.
rhe basic nomenclature for identifying new to Prlvious hose coupling serils’ is as follows:
O|lE~PlE(E rlzlwlmltllrlnlillllli Pl1$|H)N
(0l1Pl||lfi SERIES t0llPllNlE SERIES In
IIEVI mvlous NEW mvlous z
Cllllplillgl Cllllplillgl Q.
 mm 3
mo 22 °
M‘ nun -
""°" 3 lzmnzmmu-M
2 J“
.3“: lmluzmmn-M 2
J: 22 E
M lieu/nililr  g
it should be noted that the following remain identical for a coupling branded with the new part numbering
convention and its equivalent part branded with the previous part numbering convention:
- assembly parameters (crimp diameters, mark length and skive lengths)
- performance <
- design 2
- scope ofapplication. 3
in addition to the hose coupling part numbering change, the following applilsz '-
. The part number change was effective as ofthe January 2013.
- Parts supplied under the new part number may reflect previous part number branding
- Both new and previous couplings series are matched to the same range of RYCO hoses as listed in current RYCO literature
(unless otherwise stated), and should be assembled as per the current RVCO crimp chart
- Thread/connector and Hose Dash Size numbering remains unchanged.

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