Page 474 - RYCO Hydraulics Technical Manual 2019
P. 474

Some RYCO Hose Series are not listed on page 58: T1F, TJ2D, M2G, M1, RTH1, MP1.
These Hoses are specific purpose Hoses, and their temperature limits are specified in the Hose Section of this Product Technical
Manual. Contact RYCO Technical Department for any further queries.
Other RYCO Hose Series are listed on page 58. The Maximum Working Temperatures for these hoses, as listed in the Hose Section of this Product Technical Manual are for use with general purpose, mineral (petroleum) oil based hydraulic fluids, except where otherwise stated. Temperature limits for other hydraulic fluids, and some other common applications, are listed on page 58.
Life expectancy of hoses is shortened at high temperatures. Detrimental effects increase when temperature is elevated, and also when; operating pressure, flow velocity, duration and frequency of exposure, and level of impurities in the media are high. Actual service life at temperatures approaching the recommended limits will depend on the particular application and the fluid being used.
Maximum Working Temperatures refer to the temperature of the media in the hose; not the environmental temperature around the outside of the hose. Please contact RYCO Technical Department for environmental temperatures in excess of 80°C (176°F), except RQP1, RQP2, RQP5 and RQP6 Series where environmental temperature is the same as media temperature.
Maximum Working Temperatures shown are for continuous temperatures. Slightly higher intermittent temperatures (up to 10% of time) may be acceptable with some hoses and some fluids, if reduced service life is acceptable. Please contact RYCO Technical Department for more information.
DO NOT expose Hose to Maximum Temperature and Maximum Working Pressure at the same time.
The fluid manufacturer’s recommended maximum operating temperature for the fluid must not be exceeded. If different to the temperatures listed in the follwing table, the lower limit must take precedence. We recommend keeping the hose filled with the pressure medium at all times. Further information available on request.

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