JSEAL – The New Standard in JIC Fittings

Effective Solutions

ryco jseal group 400
RYCO Hydraulics is dedicated to delivering effective solutions to our customers. Our team identified the need for a JIC fitting that equals or betters the performance of ORFS. Through extensive research and development, RYCO is proud to launch to offer the new and improved JIC fitting – JSEAL™.

Redefining Benchmarks

introducing jseal 400
RYCO JSEAL™ redefines the benchmark for fitting technology, delivering double the torque, double the strength and double the working pressure of JIC standard fittings. The design of RYCO’s JSEAL™ drives unrivalled performance, eliminating sweating, cracking, and stretching, while simplifying installation – we guarantee it.

Increased Efficiency

increased efficiency 400
RYCO’S JSEAL™ means increased efficiency, improved productivity, unparalleled reliability and ongoing cost effectiveness. Expect savings on: labour, warranty claims and part replacement.

Features & Benefits

  • No Sweating, No Weeping & No Cracking
  • Self Aligning
  • No Equipment Modification Required
  • Excellent Vibration Resistance
  • Fully Interchangeable With JIC
  • Resistant To Excessive Torque And Stretching
  • Easier Installation & Easier Connections

JSEAL™ Up To Double The Working Pressure

jseal point diagram
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