Big Booty Judy (BBJ) is back for 2017 and ready to rumble!

The RYCO 24•7 and Hose Connections Inc. drag car fondly known as BBJ hit the Martin Michigan race track this past weekend for the first time this season.

Owners and drivers, Dave and Ryan Hill (father and son) are back along with the entire race team to ensure BBJ puts on a great performance at every race she attends during the 2017 season.

“We qualified number 2 out of 40 cars and came in second place for the overall race weekend just missing 1st place by a few thousands of a second. We are excited to work with RYCO 24•7 and help promote their business,” said Ryan Hill. “Fast, reliable service is just as important in the on-site hydraulic hose replacement industry as it is in drag racing, so it’s a fitting partnership.”

Just in case you do not recognize BBJ’s curves, she is based on a 2002 Pontiac Firebird and for those unfamiliar with this iconic American muscle car she is shaped like a wedge with a large rear end…hence the nickname that she is fondly referred to at every race she attends.

While she may resemble the look of a Firebird on the outside, it also has to be said that looks can be deceiving as there is nothing on this car that is original. BBJ is a supercharged, methanol-burning door slammer capable of covering the quarter-mile in six seconds at over 220 mph.

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RYCO 24•7 in the “Golden Triangle” Transport project Hamilton Site

The local RYCO 24•7 business, 82C Hose & Fittings, will be carrying out hose assembly and maintenance work on the Hamilton site of a large inland container port. The project will connect Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga as part of an initiative to streamline freight throughout the North Island.

As part of this project RYCO 24•7 had the chance to visit one of our biggest customers, Matamata based company “J Swap”, and were lucky enough to witness their new John Deere tractor in action. The tractor is the one of the largest tractors in New Zealand and is a sight to behold.

We look forward to being involved and supporting our customers in this project for the years to come.

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RYCO 24•7 Sponsorship: New Zealand Pony Club 2017 Eventing Championships Whangarei

RYCO 24•7 Sponsorship: New Zealand Pony Club 2017 Eventing Championships Whangarei.

RYCO 24•7 had a fantastic time sponsoring the NZ Pony Club Championship event, held at the stunning Barge Park in Whangarei.

This was a weekend long event which showcased the top Pony Club riders from throughout New Zealand in a thrilling competition.

All competitors and supporters showed a high level of showmanship and enthusiasm, which was a pleasure to see despite a rainy and cold weekend.

We had a lot of brand exposure including the brilliant RYCO 24•7 gazebo as well as the RYCO 24•7 umbrellas, which were evidently out in full force.

We had great feedback from attendees, with one supporter commenting that they had recognised the logo from the RYCO 24•7 branch in Otorohanga, well done!

It was great to the see the RYCO 24•7 family getting involved and look forward to more RYCO 24•7 community initiatives.

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RYCO 24•7 Sponsored Powerboat Racing Event 2017

RYCO 24•7 Sponsorship: We would like to thank all those who attended the RYCO 24•7 Sponsored Powerboat Racing event earlier this year.

It was a great oppourtunity to interact with our clients, with several long term clients sharing that they appreciate the quick, friendly and knowledgeable service that we provide.

Apart from the RYCO 24•7 Gazebo and delicious catering we were fortunate enough to have V8 Supercar champion Greg Murphy attending. Greg was very welcoming and coached a number of our customers around the thrilling course in the RYCO 24•7 V8 racing simulator.

Our clients appreciated the oppourtunity to take part in the event and we had a lot of positive feedback.

Overall it was a fun and exciting day for all who were there and we look forward sponsoring more of these events in the future.

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RYCO 24•7 Whangarei sponsors the Tikipunga Association Football Club Senior Mens Division 3 Team

RYCO 24•7 Whangarei sponsors the Tikipunga Association Football Club Senior Mens Division 3 team.

With a membership of just under around 500, Tikipunga Association Football Club is the biggest club in Whangarei and they pride themselves on providing an enjoyable football experience to everyone!

RYCO 24•7 Whangarei is proud of the guys efforts, finishing a promising 4th place for the 2017 season.

The team has been playing together for 16 years, with the average player age is 49 years old! Not bad for a bunch of oldies!

We are looking forward to watching their progress in the upcoming season. GO RYCO!

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RYCO 24•7 Mobile Hose Connector Service

So you are interested in starting a Mobile Hose Connector business, but don’t have a brand, inventory or much experience in the fluid power industry?

Look no further than RYCO 24·7. RYCO 24·7 offers a comprehensive service platform for the hydraulic industry with emergency break down, programmed maintenance, Original Equipment Manufacturer support, installation and aftermarket business.

Allow RYCO 24•7 to help you capitalize on servicing industries such as energy, mining, marine, agriculture, defence and construction.

Technically minded with little or no experience in the fluid power industry? No problem. With a global team of certified engineers and technicians backed by a global company with over 70 years experience in fluid conveying technology, RYCO 24•7 is on standby to ensure every project you take on is a success.

Let RYCO 24·7 help your business stand out in the marketplace with branding, inventory, equipment and technical support. You focus on growing your business knowing RYCO 24•7 is ready to support you every step of the way.

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RYCO 24•7 Sponsorship: Team DSR

It was all mighty challenge on game day at the World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park, with Team DSR facing off against well-known Australian drift car competitors.

The guys put up a good fight but in the end race logistics got the better of them; falling short to their drift car rivals.

Well done on your efforts boys!

RYCO 24•7 is proud to sponsor of Team DSR and wish them all the best in their upcoming season.

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