New RYCO Crimp Charts are now available online
This crimp chart supersedes all previous metric crimp chart versions and previously issued documentation regarding crimping dimensions.
RYCO Rapid Numbers simplify the crimping process while reducing the risk of incorrectly fabricating a hose assembly due to operator error.
RYCO Rapid Numbers should be used in conjunction with the corresponding crimper die colour specified herein for the corresponding hose and coupling combination. RYCO Rapid Numbers should only be used with RYCO R125 and R250 model crimpers in accordance with the respective crimper instruction documentation. Should the specified crimp dimension not be achieved using the corresponding RYCO Rapid Number setting, please contact RYCO Technical Department.
Crimp dimensions should always be measured and checked using preferred methods outlined herein and as per associated RYCO literature.
If a hose and coupling combination listed herein does not list assembly values in the crimp chart matrix, then that hose and coupling combination is an incompatible combination. Should you wish to confirm if a hose and coupling combination is valid, please check the latest version of this crimp chart at or contact your nearest RYCO representative.
The assembly of incompatible hose and coupling combinations is not allowed without explicit instructions and formal written approval from RYCO.