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A beginners guide to hydraulics and fluid transmission

What does “Hydraulic” mean? The term "Hydraulic" is derived from ancient Greek. The word "hydraulics" originates from the Greek word hydraulikos which in turn originates from hydraulos meaning water organ which in turn comes from hydor, Greek for water, and aulos, meaning pipe. It's also defined as "operated by pressure transmitted through a pipe by a liquid, such as water or oil." [Collins Dictionary] How do hydraulic machines work? Generally speaking, a hydraulic machine gains controlled motion through the use of a transmitted fluid. There is a common assumption that a machine operated by a fluid is a hydraulic machine, but this is not always the case. The water wheel above on the left turns with the weight of the water. But it is not a hydraulic machine. A correct definition of a hydraulic system is one where motion and force output is created by the use of a pressurised fluid. In the case of the water wheel, the fluid is not entrapped, and therefore, pressure cannot be applied to it at any point. Blaise Pascal ...

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