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Why force multiplication is key to how hydraulic systems work

What is force multiplication? Pascal's law states that pressure set up in a confined body of fluid, acts equally in all directions, and always at right angles to the containing surface. When a pressure is applied to a fluid trapped in a confined space, that pressure acts on each square millimeter of that surface. The force output of a hydraulic actuator is the result of the pressure applied, and the area to which that pressure is applied. If a given pressure is applied to two identical cylinders, then they will have an equal output force. How does force multiplication work? When the same pressure is applied to different sized cylinders, then the larger cylinder will have a greater force output. This is because the area which sees the hydraulic pressure is greater. The cylinder on the right in this example is twice the diameter of the cylinder on the left. The area of the circle multiplies the force The area of ...

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