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The three types of hydraulic connectors and their two key functions

This article is an overview of the theory of hydraulic connectors, the three main types of connectors and the two key functions that all hydraulic connectors must fulfil. Three Main Types of Hydraulic Connectors It provides basic information about the three main classes of hydraulic connectors: Tapered Threads Metal seal connectors Soft seal connectors Two Key Functions of Hydraulic Connectors It’s important to understand that there are two functions that a hydraulic connector must fulfil: Holding Sealing Sometimes the holding and sealing functions are provided by the same mechanism, and sometimes by two different parts. Hose connectors may seem very confusing because of the many different types available. However, when looking objectively, connectors will always simply do two things. Hold, and seal under pressure. Development of Hydraulic Connectors Hydraulic connectors were developed in this order: Tapered threads Metal seal connectors Soft seal connectors Tapered Threads Tapered pipe threads were one of the first ways to connect pipes together. They involve cutting the pipe thread in a tapered manner, so that the diameter of the pipe changes over the length of ...

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