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Hydraulic Connectors 101

As the name suggests, hydraulic connectors are used to connect hydraulic circuits by joining two different end terminations together and creating a flow passage to ensure fluid transfer. Hydraulic connectors can be grouped into three main types: Internal Thread External Thread No Thread Internal and external threaded connectors are also known as female and male, respectively. There are many thread standards in the industry primarily based on the country / region of origin. BSP (British Standard Pipe), NPT (National Pipe Tapered), UN (Unified Inch Screw Threads) and Metric to name some of the most common. To avoid damage to hydraulic systems, selecting the right type of thread is very important. Common variation in fitting designs are outlined below that is useful in thread identification. Tapered / Parallel Threads Some threads have a tapered thread surface, such as BSPT, NPT (denoted by letter T) whereas others are parallel. BSPP, UN are examples for parallel threads. Tapered threads are designed to seal on the thread surface. Sealing of Hydraulic Connectors Along with tapered threads, other sealing methods include: Metal Seal Soft Seal ...

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