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RYCO Are All About Connections

RYCO offer the largest range of adaptors providing port-to-port solutions to meet your needs. No matter what adaptor you require, RYCO will connect you!   What is an Adaptor? Adaptors connect different components within a hydraulic system, and are typically used to overcome difficulties with routing, or to enable connections between different termination types. They primarily have two key functions: HOLD fluid system components together under pressure; SEAL the fluid within the fluid system. Adaptors are used for connecting any of the following to each other: Hose Assemblies Tube or Pipe Pumps Valves Cylinders Other Hydraulic Components   Features & Benefits RYCO adaptors enable connections via the change of the termination size, termination type or termination direction (routing). They have many key features including the following: Versatility – Adaptors overcome difficulties with routing or enable connections between different termination types. Adaptability – RYCO adaptors are used to connect to different directions, genders and threads. RYCOTE – The RYCOTE system is an environmentally friendly plating technology that achieves even greater performance. RYCOTE exceeds national and international standards - up to 500+ ...

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