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Metal seal hydraulic connectors and their uses

Metal seal connectors use profiled metal surfaces on the connector to form a seal. There are many different types of metal seal connectors, including JIC, DIN, BSPP and JIS, NPSM, and they are used across many industries. JIC Joint Industries Council Country of origin: USA Thread angle: 60 degrees (UNC / I-INF) Seat angle: 37 degrees JIC threads are parallel. The thread used is a unified thread, either course; I-INC, or fine; UNF. JIC are the most popular hydraulic connector form due to their versatility. They can connect to both hose and tube. When connecting to inch tube, it needs to be flared and a tube nut and sleeve, (RYCO part number S6), are required. Metric - DIN 2353 Deutsche Industrie Normen Country of origin: Germany Thread angle: 60 degrees (DIN 3853) Seat angle: 24 degrees They have a 24 degrees internal machined seat. These threads are becoming much more common worldwide. Like the JIC connector, there are DIN threads that can connect to both hose and tube. Unlike all other thread types, there are three sub-groups within the DIN ...

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